8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

DESIblitz looks at eight daring and sultry Indian erotic novels that are filled with sizzling moments and thought-provoking plots.

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

Many of the stories challenge traditional gender roles

India has a rich sexual heritage that has been celebrated in literature for centuries, especially through Indian erotic novels.

Over many years, Indian authors have started exploring the genre of erotic literature, and have produced some exceptional works that have captivated readers all over the world.

Erotic literature is not only about sexuality, but it also explores themes of desire, power, and intimacy in a way that is both thought-provoking and stimulating.

Here, DESIblitz will introduce you to the eight best Indian erotic novels that you need to read.

The Kama Sutra by Vatsyayana

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text on the art of lovemaking, dating back to the third century CE.

It was written by the Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, who is believed to have lived in the northern part of India during the Gupta period.

The novel is considered to be one of the most important works on human sexuality in world literature.

The Kama Sutra is divided into seven sections, each of which deals with different aspects of human sexuality, including courtship, marriage, sexual pleasure, and the nature of love.

The text also provides practical advice on sexual techniques, such as kissing, caressing, and various sexual positions.

However, it is important to note that the Kama Sutra is much more than just a manual on sexual techniques.

It is a comprehensive guide to living a fulfilling life, both in and out of the bedroom.

The Kama Sutra is not just about physical pleasure, but also about the emotional and spiritual connection between partners.

It also explores the role of women in society and in the bedroom and encourages men to respect and honour their female partners.

Today, the Kama Sutra is considered to be one of the most important Indian erotic novels ever written. Its influence can be seen in a variety of fields, including literature, art, and psychology.

Grab a copy here.

Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories by Kamala Suraiyya Das

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by Kamala Das, a prominent Indian writer known for her frank and unconventional writing style.

The title story, “Padmavati the Harlot,” tells the story of a young girl who is forced into prostitution by her mother.

The story explores the exploitation of women and the societal pressure that forces them into such situations.

Other stories in the book also deal with similar themes, such as “The Fair Sex,” which depicts the sexual desires of a young woman who is constantly judged and shamed by society for her desires.

Many of the stories challenge traditional gender roles and explore the complexities of human relationships.

In “The Scream,” a woman struggles to find her identity in a society that defines her only by her role as a wife and mother.

In “The Sweet Smell of Decay,” a man comes to terms with his own mortality and the impact it has on his relationship with his wife.

A fan of the book, Upasana Singh, stated:

“I don’t think I have read anything that is altogether intimate, opulent, raging, searching & mind numbing.”

“The stories will take you on an astounding journey disclosing the different facets of human desire and some cringing reality of the world which unfortunately everyone does not have the luxury to elude from.”

Buy the book here.

The Quilt and Other Stories by Ismat Chughtai

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

The Quilt and Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Indian author Ismat Chughtai.

The book was first published in 1964 and contains 10 short stories that explore various themes such as gender, class, and social inequality in Indian society.

The title story, “The Quilt,” tells the story of a young girl who is forced into marriage at a young age to an older man.

The story explores the power dynamics in a patriarchal society and the impact it has on women’s lives.

Other stories in the book also deal with similar themes, such as “The Veil,” which depicts the struggles of a woman to assert her independence and identity in a society that oppresses women.

Ismat Chughtai’s writing style is known for its social realism and its exploration of the lives of women in Indian society.

The stories in The Quilt and Other Stories are no exception. The book is a powerful critique of the patriarchy and a call for gender equality and social justice.

Read one of the most sought-after erotic Indian novels here.

Mistakes Like Love and Sex by Madhuri Banerjee

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

After being betrayed by her charming and youthful Spanish boyfriend, Kaveri returns to India with the intention of pursuing her passion for art and finding her soulmate.

Despite her efforts, however, she becomes sidetracked by a series of romantic entanglements.

One is an affair with an older man, another is her passionate fling with a Bollywood heartthrob and add to that tutoring a stunning young actress in Hindi.

Kaveri begins to realise that starting over has completely disoriented her and that she has been living a superficial existence. She must make some tough choices.

Yet, with a fresh outlook and a newfound philosophy, Kaveri sets her sights on achieving her ambitions.

Her fortunes appear to be improving when a potential romance ignites over Twitter and she discovers her true vocation. Finally, she may be heading in the right direction!

Parag, an avid reader left his review on Goodreads, saying:

“This book is filled with life lessons woven into a realistic love story of a brave young Indian woman.”

“It’s written in first-person POV and blends dialogues and events along with the protagonist’s inner monologue which gives the reader a very intimate insight into the mind of the protagonist.”

This is definitely one book not to miss out on reading.

A Pleasant Kind of Heavy by Book by Aranyani

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

A Pleasant Kind of Heavy and Other Erotic Stories contains many tales of steamy encounters.

“Stolen” contains an erotic scene where alluring women are cooking tempting food.

In “A Touch of Sun”, a nearby artist engages in a wild romantic affair with a Russian neighbour.

“The Causes of Blindness” features a schoolgirl experiencing intense pleasure from a stranger, and “A Pleasant King of Heavy,” tells the story of a pregnant woman giving in to irresistible new cravings.

These and other stories showcase unforgettable sexual experiences that occur in a variety of locations, such as a transatlantic aeroplane, an abandoned bridge in Chennai, and a small studio apartment in America.

The author of these nine bold, sensuous, and unapologetically erotic stories is an electrifying talent, taking readers on a wild, shocking, and seductive journey through the human body and mind.

Grab a copy here.

Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

Panty by Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay is composed of two novellas: “Hypnosis” and “Panty”.

Both novellas have a nonlinear style and are centered around women who are in situations they wish to escape.

They both explore the theme of sexual liberation and how it can lead to further complications.

In “Hypnosis”, the main character, Ilona, is a divorced journalist who works night shifts and has a sharp and independent mind.

However, she becomes involved with an unavailable man.

In “Panty”, the nameless protagonist grapples with deep guilt and accepts her situation with an unavailable man.

The stories examine the ties between men and women and how they impact women’s lives.

The author uses the physical and sexual attraction between men and women to explore the natural biological instinct of sex, which is often taboo or romanticised.

This highlights how women are often constrained by society’s portrayal of sex.

The writing is both erotic and philosophical, with moments of sensuality and introspection.

It is provocative and thought-provoking, not for readers seeking comfort but for those who wish to explore new voices. Get it here.

A Handbook For My Lover by Rosalyn D’Mello

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

A Handbook For My Lover is a sensual account of an unconventional six-year affair between a young writer and an older photographer, presented as an instructional guide.

The memoir explores the woman’s demands, desires, fantasies, and quirks as she navigates their relationship without any defined destination.

It celebrates the fleeting pleasures found in everyday moments and is an unabashedly erotic work.

The memoir is both feisty and provocative, delving into the power dynamics and vulnerability inherent in love and sexual relationships.

It is an intimate examination of the fluid nature of these dynamics and their impact on the lovers involved.

Grab your version here.

Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswa

8 Best Indian Erotic Novels to Leave you Breathless

Nikki resides in West London, a bustling cosmopolitan area, where she works as a bartender at a local pub.

Despite being the daughter of Indian immigrants, she has distanced herself from her traditional Sikh roots, opting for a more independent and westernised lifestyle.

However, after her father’s passing leaves her family in financial trouble, Nikki takes a teaching job at a community centre located in the heart of London’s close-knit Punjabi community.

When one of the widows discovers an English-language book of erotic stories and shares it with the class, Nikki realises that her students have a wealth of hidden fantasies.

Excited to help these modest women unleash their creativity, Nikki teaches them how to express their untold stories in writing.

As the class grows in popularity, Nikki cautions her students to keep their work secret from a conservative group of young men called the ‘Brotherhood’.

However as some of the erotica is shared among friends, a scandal erupts that puts everyone at risk.

Victoria, an English reader of the novel said in her review:

“I’m intrigued with books about cultures and religions of which I know little, there’s so much to learn, to understand.

“This was an enlightening first glance at the Punjabi community and Sikh religion.”

“I found the characters enchanting, the writing entertaining and while it was slow to start, once the erotic stories are introduced the plot moves at a rapid pace.

“All in all, I would recommend this as a light read with some complex subjects that are handled with humour and heart.”

Read it for yourself here.

These Indian erotic novels by Indian authors are a must-read for anyone who is interested in exploring the genre of erotic literature.

These books not only provide a sensual reading experience, but they also offer thought-provoking insights into themes of desire, power, and intimacy.

Indian authors have made a significant contribution to the genre of erotic literature, and these books are a testament to their talent and creativity.

So, pick up one of these Indian erotic novels and get ready to embark on a journey of sensual discovery.

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