5 Best Female Punjabi Singers from the UK

These female Punjabi singers are giving a new face to one of the most classical genres of South Asian music. We count down the top 5.

5 Best Female Punjabi Singers from the UK

"I love how she uses real instruments and a real voice"

There are many British Asians exploring different music genres, however, not enough female Punjabi singers from the UK get enough recognition.

Punjabi and Bhangra are some of the most popular and classical genres in South Asian music.

The folk influence, pop fusions and Desi instruments make songs energetic, colourful, and ooze with culture.

However, British Asian female singers are generally underrepresented, no matter what area they specialise in.

And whilst female Punjabi singers have been around for quite some time in the UK, they still struggle with mainstream success.

Although, the following artists are changing that. From their hypnotic melodies to magnetic vocals, these artists are giving a whole new dimension to the music industry.

So, DESIblitz presents the top five female Punjabi singers that you must listen to.

Mona Singh


Mona Singh is the daughter of the legendary musician, Channi Singh, and is known as the “Princess of Bhangra”.

She’s one of the best vocalists to emerge from the UK and has made her own mark as a lady who can handle her own. And her four albums amplify that.

The Beginning (2000), The Second Chapter (2003), Stronger (2008) and Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye (2010) are all magical gifts to the Punjabi scene.

Some of her most iconic songs are spread across the projects including ‘Ki Dassan’, ‘Kankaan De Ohle’ and ‘Rab Di Kasam’.

Mona’s infectious harmonies and soulful tone create such a unique listening experience. However, her contributions don’t stop there.

She’s recorded with chart-topping artist Lucky Star and the late Bollywood playback singer Labh Janjua.

Mona has also lent her tremendous talents to films which include Amavas (2019) and Laal Singh Chaddha (2002).

During her career, the singer has been awarded numerous awards such as ‘Best Female Singer’.

Also, her music video for ‘Ponche Tang Pa Ke’ (2008) was selected to play at the 10th annual Florence Indian Film Festival as one of the best Indian music videos.

Mona Singh is perhaps the most famous Punjabi female singer from the UK and there’s no surprise as to why.

Listen to more of Mona Singh here.

Sarika Gill


Like Mona, Sarika Gill is another formidable female singer, hailing from London.

The starlet has been making Punjabi anthems since 2013 with one of her first hits ‘Bach Ke’.

However, it wasn’t until her monumental song ‘Miss Kaur’ (2017) that really propelled Sarika into fame.

Linking up with record producer, Deep Jandhu, the single fused Punjabi and Caribbean sounds which showed Sarika’s experimental nature.

Although, her captivating track ‘Lahore’ (2020) really displayed why she is a Punjabi singing sensation.

It has over 4.2 million YouTube views and fans celebrated just how special the song is. One fan Ankira Khadda commented:

“This song is very special, I love it so much.

“Sarika’s voice, moves, and lyrics are great, I keep coming back to it and cannot get enough.”

Amongst her extensive catalogue are other tracks such as ‘Charche’ (2019), ‘Morni (2020), and ‘Gora Rang’ (2022).

Add Sarika to your playlist here.



Singer and songwriter Kiranee is a young yet successful artist from London, who has now moved to Mumbai.

As one of the best female Punjabi singers to come from the UK, Kiranee first started her journey with world-renowned music producer, Rishi Rich.

Developing her talents, the pair worked to refine Kiranee’s singing skills and then she quickly became one of the most powerful British Asian female artists.

Some of her most beloved songs include ‘Sun Sujna’ (2019), ‘Chandareya Chumka’ (2021), and ‘Over You’ (2022).

The latter was a collaboration with Roach Killa and has over 4.7 million Spotify plays.

One of the most unique elements of the musician’s character is her ability to mix different genres and instrumentation.

She is not afraid to experiment with her sound and expand that into other genres. However, she makes sure to have some type of Desi aspect to her songs which makes her so versatile as an artist.

Additionally, the artist has an impressive portfolio, boasting names like Arjit Singh, Jay Sean, and Mumzy Stranger.

This, along with her impeccable work rate, inviting lyrics, and growing list of hits makes her one of the leading female Punjabi singers.

Explore some of Kiranee’s other music here.

Sazia Judge


One of the most famous names in Punjabi music is Sazia Judge. Whilst she was born in India, Sazia resides in Birmingham and her career really took off once she made that switch.

One cannot get past Sazia’s success within the music scene and her diverse vocal range gives her triumphs in Punjabi, Sufi, and Hindi genres.

She’s a captivating musician who sticks to her roots and reminds people of the 80s and 90s Bhangra vibe.

Sazia is a performer, whether it’s at a concert, festival, wedding, or party – she can do it all.

Fans across the world adore her songs because of how her voice embodies all the characteristics that make Punjabi music so great.

Releases like ‘Hun Moi’ (2012), ‘Lalkara’ (2016) and ‘Thulluu (2018) all provide examples of Sazia’s brash tone and powerful harmonies.

The latter also has over 1.2 million YouTube views and continues to rise, illustrating her unrelenting popularity.

As a singer in multiple disciplines, Sazia has united Punjabi and British cultures. With this, she has received a vast list of recognitions which include Europe’s Best Female Bhangra Singer.

The musician is a catalyst for all female South Asian singers and her creative vision, soothing voice and enriching lyrics are a treat for the ears.

See more of Sazia Judge here.

Sonia Panesar


Specialising in Punjabi folk, world fusion, and spiritual music, Sonia Panesar is an esteemed musician but perhaps the lesser-known individual on this list.

However, this does not take away from how established, skilful and mesmerising Sonia is as a singer.

Although she is an independent artist, she has been recording since the age of seven and has laid down her melodious vocals for over 30 albums.

Sonia has been a backing vocalist for iconic music artists such as Sukshinder Shinda, Alaap, Heera and even Mona Singh herself.

Learning from the greats has allowed Sonia to get a wealth of experience and highlights how deep-rooted her understanding of Punjabi music is.

The moment that skyrocketed Sonia’s career was her cover of Chitra Singh’s 2017 hit ‘Charkha Mera Rangla’.

She was the first person to cover the track in this way which led to over 289,000 YouTube views. The song was a huge success and fans particularly loved it.

One fan, Mohsin Rajput, expressed his admiration:

“Such a wonderful tribute to a legend of the game. I love how she uses real instruments and a real voice.

“Real music touches the heart and this song touches mine 1 million times over.”

However, the singer has not stopped there.

She’s the lead singer of the UK’s Punjabi folk band, Team Sur Sangeet and has collaborated with the likes of The Dhol Foundation, Phat Kat and Kuljit Bhamra MBE.

Sonia’s other hits include ‘Boliyan’ (2011) and ‘Jind Mahi’ (2022). The latter is a cover of Diljit Dosanjh’s 2018 release of the same name.

Check out more of Sonia Panesar here.

These female Punjabi singers show how the scene is getting more representation.

It’s refreshing to see such a creative list of female individuals, especially from the UK, who are taking on Punjabi music.

Their releases speak for themselves and likewise, their accolades show the musicians are starting to get recognised.

Additionally, they are acting as trailblazers so that future generations of female singers can explore this scene and transcend it into a place where it’s even more inclusive.

Definitely add these singers to your playlists and you won’t be disappointed.

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