Atif Aslam unveils ‘Moonrise’ featuring Amy Jackson

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam has unveiled his new track ‘Moonrise’, featuring Amy Jackson in the music video.

Atif Aslam unveils 'Moonrise' featuring Amy Jackson f


“No one can beat his melodious voice"

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam and Amy Jackson have come together for ‘Moonrise’, with the latter starring in the music video.

The song was Raj Ranjodh while Rupen Bharadwaj provided the English lyrics.

Meanwhile, Adnan Qazi has directed the music video while Tarun Chaudhary and Omer Ahmad are the producers.

Atif announced the release of the track on October 27, 2022.

On Instagram, he shared a teaser and wrote:

“Hope it makes you feel over the moon.”

The music video has a London setting and shows Atif Aslam bringing the night alive while Amy Jackson adds her cosmic glam, looking stunning in various dresses.

The singer is seen headed to a party in a dapper look where he meets Amy and there’s an instant connection.

Throughout the music video, the pair are seen sharing countless glances with each other, dancing merrily, squeezing in subtle moments of romance, and quite literally having the time of their lives in a club.

While most of the singer’s videos have to do with outdoorsy, natural settings, this video marks his entry into a grander setting that oozes luxury vibes and the adaptation is truly seamless.

‘Moonrise’ is composed of Punjabi lyrics against catchy EDM beats and hints of acoustic strums, highlighting his muse’s beauty and otherworldly charm in Atif’s signature style that exudes romance, and demonstrates the high level of skill the singer holds over the language.

Since releasing, fans have been praising Atif and the song, with many stating that the “King” knows his voice can “fit in any genre”.

One listener commented: “Atif Aslam is the only singer who can rock every genre and can sing in multiple languages phenomenally, he’s a living legend.”

Another said: “No one can beat his melodious voice, no doubt the most talented singer.

“Congratulations to the whole team and especially Atif Aslam for making this masterpiece.”

A third wrote: “Give this man any genre, he will definitely nail it.”

One fan said: “Atif Aslam, the pride of Pakistan.

“Such a beautifully done song.”

Atif previously said that he is keen on introducing a new music genre.

“Part of it is about encouraging the young artists, part of it is about inventing myself, and part of it is about making my own genre and creating my own music regardless if its a hit or a miss.”

Watch the Music Video for ‘Moonrise’


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