Amy Jackson’s Private Photos leaked after Phone Hacking

Amy Jackson’s private photos have been leaked to the Internet after a hacking. Her phone was reportedly hacked at a mobile phone shop.

Amy Jackson's Private Photos leaked after Phone Hacking

"Two pictures with her best friend having dinner appeared online"

Actress Amy Jackson’s private photos have leaked online after a phone hacking.

Amy’s phone became hacked while she took a flight from London to Chennai. The hacking appears to have taken place while she was at a mobile phone shop.

Amy Jackson’s private photos include images of the actress and a friend in London. As a result, Amy seeks to take action over who was behind the hacking.

The Bollywood actress was taking a flight from London to Chennai, along with a stop in Mumbai.

While in London, the actress had difficulty logging into her phone. She decided to visit a mobile phone shop to seek help. The shop checked her phone, and the hacking allegedly took place there.

Soon, Amy Jackson’s private photos began to surface online. A source says: “It was on February 7 when two pictures with her best friend having dinner appeared online that she realised her phone was hacked. She went to the service centre again before coming to India.”

Hackers leaked Amy Jackson’s private photos as they had access to them via iCloud. Amy reportedly acknowledges that her phone automatically synced with iCloud storage at the time.

Understandably, the actress is furious over the events. Speaking to mid-day, she says:

“I was shocked when this happened. This isn’t a trivial matter and has to be taken up seriously. I will register a complaint with the cyber crime cell in London and ensure the hackers are taken to task. Cyber safety is the need of the hour.”

She also added that she will file a complaint with the cyber crime cell in Mumbai when she returns.

The leak of Amy Jackson’s private photos comes at a bad time. Currently, she is filming Robot 2.0, where she stars alongside Akshay Kumar. She was also recently in Kerala where she performed at the Vanitha Film Awards.

Celebrity phone hackings appear to grow more common through the years.

Celebrities from across the world risk their phones and personal details being hacked, regardless of whether they’re from Hollywood or Bollywood. Hackers are taking the massive opportunity iCloud gives them.

It seems mobile phone companies need to invest in better security to prevent these attacks in future.

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Images courtesy of Amy's Jackson official Facebook

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