Amir Khan reveals quitting Karate Club after Girl punched Him

On his podcast, Amir Khan revealed that he once quit a karate club after being punched in the face by a girl.

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"it was the most embarrassing time ever."

Amir Khan has revealed that a girl once punched him at a karate club, leading to him quitting.

The former world champion boxer went to the venue as his regular boxing club had been closed for renovations.

But he admitted he never went back to the karate club after a girl punched him on the nose.

Amir made the revelation on his At Home With The Khans podcast with his wife Faryal Makhdoom on May 17, 2021.

He recalled: “The first-ever boxing club I went to was in Halliwell in Bolton, but it had closed for renovations, so I went to a different gym and there was a karate club.

“So I went inside and I remember getting punched in the face by a girl.

“I swear to God it was the most embarrassing time ever.

“She literally hit me flat on the nose… Boom… you know one of those shots you never expect from anyone.

“She hit me so hard on the nose, and I was so embarrassed I never went back again.”

The podcast’s episode was centred on the couple’s embarrassing moments.

Faryal also talked about her experience of going to karate.

She revealed that while growing up, she was not athletic but she went to karate with her brother.

Faryal recalled:

“I used to go and then one day, I got beat up so badly that I never wanted to go back again.”

Faryal also explained that she used to go dancing and cheerleading.

During the podcast, Amir and Faryal also discussed their first time meeting each other in England.

Amir explained that he wanted to impress Faryal so he called his friend to drive them around as he owned a Rolls-Royce.

Everything was going well until the police stopped the car.

Officers asked the friend: “Are you insured to drive the car?”

The friend said yes and while Amir said he was, the system said he wasn’t.

Meanwhile, Amir and Faryal are standing on the side of the road.

Police knew who Amir Khan was and greeted him, however, he and Faryal were not allowed to return to the vehicle due to it being supposedly uninsured.

The date resulted in Amir and Faryal calling a taxi to take them to where they were supposed to be going.

Amir and Faryal recently appeared in their own reality showMeet The Khans: Big in Bolton.

The BBC show gave a glimpse into their family life.

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