Adding Oats into a Diet Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle

Oats have emerged as the go-to breakfast meal. We look at some of the types available as well as their benefits for a healthier lifestyle.

Add Oats Into Diet Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle - f

"it takes dedication and focus to stay fit"

Oats are trending nowadays as the best breakfast meal to opt for.

We all love to eat what we crave, but diet plans force us to stick to boring options.

However, oats are now becoming an all-time favourite for both dietary plans and for regular consumption.

Raghav Gupta, the founder of Oateo Oats discusses their benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

He also explains different types of oats and their best consumptions.

Talking to Indian Express about the daily life routine, Gupta said:

“Most of us also have a love-hate relationship with working out and staying active.”

Staying fit is the dream of every living person.

Gupta added: “Although it takes dedication and focus to stay fit consistently, it isn’t that tough.”

He believes that making some wise choices in essential food items plays a great role in our fitness.

He added that oats are a healthy choice that one can eat alongside an active routine.

However, Gupta says that few are aware of the different types of oats and their benefits.

He, therefore, enlights a few types of oats and their best uses.

Add Oats Into Diet Plan for a Healthier Lifestyle - meals


Also known as Irish oats, they are categorised as whole oats that are cut with a steel blade.

They have a very nutty flavour and chewy texture. Therefore, you feel fuller when eating them.

Steel-cut has thick flakes which help to lower the glycemic index. The glycemic index helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

It also helps to prevent a sudden rise in the glucose level in the body.

They are best eaten when hot and can be added to cereals, porridges and even risottos.

Rolled Oats

These are usually known as old fashioned oats. This is the most common type, with a mild taste and soft texture.

Due to the soft texture, they absorb a lot of liquid. As a result, they are great with milk.

But they are also suitable for making smoothies, baked fruit toppings, granola, muffins, snack bars and cookies.

Besides carbs, they are rich in protein, iron, zinc and magnesium.

The carbs maintain one’s fullness while the fibre helps to lower cholesterol.

This makes them the best choice for breakfast.

Instant Oats

These are ready to eat oats packed for a single serving.

They are pre-cooked, dried, cut, steamed and then rolled into flake shapes.

Because they are ready to consume, they are commonly eaten, especially among travellers, eating them when in need of an instant meal.

They can also be incorporated into cookies, smoothies, muffins and pancakes if one is willing to make the most out of it.

Instant oats have low saturated fats. It, therefore, guards against any risk of heart problem.

So it would also be a good choice of breakfast for cardiac patients.

Oat Bran

Oat Bran is the outer layer of the groat.

It is made from hulled oat kernels and contains insoluble fibre, protein and iron.

Oat bran is mostly used for bread and pancakes.

It works as a binding agent and prevents the batter from being heavy.

They are low in cholesterol and sodium, so they are very healthy to consume.

Despite Gupta having talked about the four main oat types, there are many other variants.

Oat groats, quick oats and oat flour are some of the other categories available in the market.

They all however have one thing in common and is that there is the best diet meal.

Raghav Gupta added:

“Oats are naturally gluten-free while being high in fibre and antioxidants, offering you more health benefits by just scooping into a warm, creamy bowl of oatmeal every day”

Oatmeal does not just suit diet-conscious people but also helps in general health.

They improve the immune system, maintain gut health, reduces the risk of cardiac problems and gives you healthier skin.

With an abundance of health benefits, you can choose which type of oats suits you best.

Any type of oats in breakfast will give you a head start to your fresh and healthy day.

Shamamah is a journalism and political psychology graduate with a passion to play her part to make the world a peaceful place. She loves reading, cooking, and culture. She believes in: “freedom of expression with mutual respect.”

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