68 Indian College Girls told to Strip for ‘Periods Check’

A shocking incident occurred in Gujarat where 68 college girls were told to strip by the administration as part of a ‘period check’.

68 Indian College Girls told to Strip for 'Periods Check' f

the girls went into the bathroom one by one.

Sixty-eight college girls in Gujarat were told to strip by the principal and the college administrators to check if they were on their period. The incident happened in Bhuj, Gujarat.

It was reported that the principal of Sahajanand Girls Institute led the humiliating check.

It is believed that the principal began carrying out checks after receiving a complaint that menstruating students had violated norms. The college has banned menstruating students from touching others and entering certain spaces.

According to the rules, those who are on their period must sit separately.

The college administration stated that the checks were carried out as it was suspected that some of the students hid the fact that they were on their period.

Many of the students living in the college hostel were called into the auditorium.

Principal Rita Raninga and several administrators told the college girls to go to the bathroom and take off their underwear.

According to reports, the girls went into the bathroom one by one.

Following the incident, the students were allegedly told to not to speak about the incident. They were also threatened with expulsion from the hostel if they spoke about the checks.

Many of the students remain anonymous but stated that they felt humiliated.

One student said that the principal carried out the check on 68 girls by insulting, parading and forcing them to remove their underwear to prove they were not on their period, calling it “the last straw”.

Another girl explained they had been interrupted during lessons and publicly asked who was on their period.

Another student claimed that the checks were routine.

According to one student, the college administrators emotionally blackmailed the parents in order to stop them from seeking police intervention.

One student threw her sanitary pad in protest. She was later forced to apologise, however, administrators claimed that she agreed to write an apology letter.

Pravin Bhai Pindoria works at the college and said that a machine which dispenses sanitary pads was purchased for Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,070).

There are around 1,500 girls who are enrolled in the college.

The students are angered by the checks and after it came to light, the principal went on leave and has refused to answer any phone calls.

While the principal has not commented on the matter, two officials have promised action.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has promised to assemble an inquiry team who will then visit all those who have been affected.

The NCW has demanded an explanation from principal Raninga and the college administrators.

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