3 Love Poems to Seduce your Imagination

British Asians today are as sexually aware as ever. Society hides a silky smooth layer of sensual secrets. DESIblitz deciphers the love and longing hidden within words of 3 poems written by Noori Ruma.

Two lovers

These poems explore the seductive curves of love

These love poems gently caress the reader into a harness of emotion. The strong leathery hide offers security for love with strength and seduction.

Under the laden shimmer from the rich and golden encrusted fine jewels breathes erratically a nervous curiosity.

The frantically pulsating heart filled with love and excitement at its highest peak.

From the pristine white of the sheets to the captivating white of her eyes, emotions are taken beyond the dreamy white of the clouds.

The first titillating glance is ‘Suhaag Raat’, a poem about the eager anticipation of love making.

Evocative and mesmerising are just a couple of many moments described by British Asian couples when remembering the pleasures bestowed on them during what can only be described as exciting and eventful wedding nights.

Suhaag Raat

Separate through the jasmine and rose petal garlands,
The excited anticipation drips from beneath the kohl.
A touch intimidated by the low browed magnetic eyes,
Renders calm amidst the intensity.

Softly lifting the ghunghat over a bejewelled forehead,
The palpitating décolletage invites closeness.
So close a gentle stroke becomes tantalising,
A subtle scent intoxicates with thrilling tingles.

Soothing hands massage away sleeves effortlessly,
Teased by the bare naval, resting on the kamarbandh.
Playful whispers precede an adventurous bite,
Teetering on the brink of sublime.

Satisfying the unquenchable thirst, the anklet falls.
Temptingly silky smooth pathways encourage the wanderer.
A firm moist grip, explores every contour.
Persistent, gradual, yet amorous. Devoured.

In ‘Suhaag Raat’ the wedding night is so picturesque, so perfect. Rooms are scented by the strewn together fragrant petals.

Those who experience it treasure each moment… those who await it do so with mouth-watering patience. The intimacy develops into a love that grows with time.

The second amorous look is ‘Enchantress’, a poem about the intensifying immortal love.

This is inspired by a man who speaks so fondly of his wife of 46 years. The butterflies flutter as he speaks of his immeasurable love. He talks as though they have just met with the glow of a shy but tempting blush. The love of dreamers.


The black silky tresses that lure to depths unknown.
Shimmering gemstones sparkling of desire.

The eyes of kohl that penetrates all inhibitions.
Grounding the will of patience into a desperate paste.

The neck that renders the mouth to water.
Mixing of tantalising sandalwood paste and water.

The lips that arouse the being to attention.
Erecting the wood from a strong hard Bakula tree.

The breasts that seduce from under the folds of Banarasi.
Soaking in the oil that will be ignited by fire.

The navel that smoulders so fiercely it’s dangerous.
Sparking alight coconut fibres of a glowing lamp.

The anklet that hypnotises with its chime.
Engulfing body and soul to search further and deeper.

The lotus flower picked from the water
Worthy of worship.

‘Enchantress’ is the passion that ignites his being. The appreciation of the love and the lover he holds so dear is infused in the air he breathes arousing every fibre of his being. Time matures and flavours the deepening love.

The final immersing stare is ‘Devotee’, a poem about boundless unconditional love alongside disability.

This is inspired by a British Asian Male with Spina Bifida (Meningocele). A wealth of meaning was found in this relationship.

This couple have truly defeated all and any extremities. They embrace every day without a second thought in true selfless love and devotion to each other. They leave the world standing in awe.


Just another smile from you,
I will chisel an iceberg in your form.
Your gentle caress down my neck,
I will ignite a fire along the Great Wall.

Continue my explorer..

Look at me that way,
I will fall into the depths of the Chand Boari well.
Let me be close to feel your breath,
I will scream from above the Redeemer statue.

Continue my explorer..

Our embrace stands alone, strong and lasting,
My Petra in the desert.
The sense of your skin beside me,
I will dance as I jump into Iguazu Falls.

Continue my explorer..

Brush against me and hold my hand.
I will walk while I sit.
No Temple, no Taj Mahal, no glistening Auroras,
Can turn this devotee’s eyes from you.

You call my body “your world”.

Continue my explorer.

The poem ‘Devotee’ oozes the limitless qualities of love. Enshrined in the hearts and lustfully opening the minds. Nothing is a barrier. Nothing is an obstacle. Love surpasses all limitations of the body.

The culmination of the words flowing through these poems leads to an explosion of emotion. This love flows fast through the veins of desire to the core pounding heart. The merging of souls in a euphoric outer-worldly lubrication glides into another realm.

These love poems explore the seductive curves of love that many today are fortunate enough to behold and treasure.

Desis are falling in love irrespective of colour, caste, preferences or disabilities. As precise as the hand pollination of vanilla flowers and the gentle comforting aroma of cinnamon, many new aromatic and exotic combinations arise.

The mesmerising qualities are not just of dreams; they hold a significantly enhancing realism.

Noori whilst being disabled has a vested interest in creative writing. Her writing style delivers subject matters in a unique and descriptive way. Her favourite quotation: “Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass” ~ Chekhov.