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  • 5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    Sir Muhammad Iqbal was a legendary poet and philosopher whose poems, prose and thoughts infused new blood into Eastern literature. DESIblitz explores some of Iqbal’s most inspiring poetic works.

    5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    Iqbal’s thoughts were deeply influenced by the greatest Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi

    Sir Muhammad Iqbal, famously known as Allama Iqbal (‘The Great Scholar’), was a legendary icon of South Asia.

    A poet, philosopher, barrister and a scholar, Iqbal is considered as one of the most pivotal figures in literature especially for those works written in Urdu and Persian.

    He was born on November 9, 1877, to a Kashmiri Pandit lineage in the Punjab Province of India, which is now Pakistan.

    He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cambridge and his PhD from Ludwig Maximilian University in Germany.

    Iqbal’s thoughts were greatly influenced by the greatest Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi’s poems and philosophy.

    His poems are deeply provocative and extremely spiritual. He focused on awakening of the human conscious as well as revitalising the inner self.

    Iqbal’s unique style of writing was enriched by experiences he acquired from Western Europe and the Middle East.

    His philosophies even inspired the creation of a new state, Pakistan.

    DESIblitz have selected 5 of the greatest poems by Allama Iqbal.

    5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    The Child And The Candle

    Oh Child with moth-like nature, “How strange that
    You keep gazing at the flame of the candle for hours

    What is this movement, when you are in my lap?
    Are you intending to embrace the light?

    Though your tiny heart is surprised at this spectacle
    But this is recognition of some object already seen!

    The candle is but a flame, you are the Light embodied
    Ah! In this assembly that is manifest, you are concealed

    It is not known why the Nature’s hand made it manifest!
    And concealed you in the dark soil’s mantle

    Your light has been concealed under the veil of Intellect!
    The veil of Cognition is a mere mist to the wise eye!

    What is called life really a mirage it is…
    A dream, a swoon, an ecstasy, oblivion it is

    The Nature’s assembly is the Beauty’s boundless ocean
    For the discerning eye every drop is the Beauty’s storm

    Beauty is in the frightening silence of the mountain
    In shedding of sun’s light, and in night’s darkness

    It is in the morning sky’s mirror-like glitter
    In the night’s darkness and in the twilight’s floridity

    It is in the disappearing relics of the old magnificence
    In the small child’s effort to commence speaking

    It is in the harmony of the denizens of the rose-garden
    In the nest-building efforts of the tiny little birds

    In the mountain stream, in the ocean’s freedom is Beauty
    In the city, the forest, the wilderness, the habitation is Beauty

    The soul but longing for some lost object is
    Or else why is it lamenting in wilderness like a bell?

    It is restless even in this general splendour of Beauty
    Its life is like a fish out of water

    A beautiful poem, ‘The Child And The Candle’ expresses the magnificence and everlasting beauty of the Divine Love and the effort of portraying them through the worldly objects.

    5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    A Mother’s Dream

    As I slept one night I saw this dream
    Which further increased my vexation

    I dreamt I was going somewhere on the way
    Dark it was and impossible to find the way

    Trembling all over with fear I was
    Difficult to take even a step with fear was

    With some courage as I forward moved
    I saw some boys as lined in nice array

    Dressed in emerald-like raiment they were
    Carrying lighted lamps in their hands they were

    They were going quietly behind each other
    No one knew where they were to go

    Involved in this thought was I
    When in this troupe my son saw I

    He was walking at the back, and was not walking fast
    The lamp he had in his hand was not lighted

    Recognising him I said “O My dear!
    Where have you come leaving me there?

    Restless due to separation I am
    Weeping every day for ever I am

    You did not care even a little for me
    What loyalty you showed, you left me”!

    As the child saw the distress in me
    He replied thus, turning around to me

    “The separation from me makes you cry
    Not least little good does this to me”

    He remained quiet for a while after talking
    Showing me the lamp then he started talking

    “Do you understand what happened to this?
    Your tears have extinguished this”!

    The poem ‘A Mother’s Dream’ on surface seems to be a simple description of a mother’s dream but it carries far more depth.

    It talks about the grief and sorrow of parents as children grow into adulthood and become independent individuals moving away from them.

    5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    Open Secrets

    A nation whose youth are endowed
    With self as strong and hard as steel:
    No need of piercing swords in war
    Such people brave can ever feel.

    The world of Pleaders and the Moon
    By natural laws is chained and bound:
    Whereas the world in which you dwell
    Owns insight, will and mind much sound.

    What do the quivering waves imply?
    Save enormous zeal and zest for quest?
    What lies concealed in mother shell?
    Is a gift of God who knows it best?

    The hawk is never tired of flight,
    Does not drop gasping on the ground:
    If unwearied it remains one wing,
    From hunters’ dread is safe and sound.

    The magnificent piece, ‘Open Secrets’, investigates the enormous capacity of the human potential and the significance of self worth.

    Coal to Diamond

    My flesh is so vile, I am less than dust
    while your brilliance out-blazes the mirror’s heart.
    My darkness defiles the chafing-dish
    before my cremation; a miner’s boot
    tramples my cranium; I’m covered with ashes.

    Do you know my life’s bleak essence?
    Condensations of smoke, black clouds stillborn
    from a single spark; while in feature and nature
    star like, your every facet’s a splendour,
    gleam of the King’s crown, the sceptre’s jewel.

    “Please, friend, be wise,” the diamond replied,
    “assume a gemlike dignity! Carbon must harden,
    to fill one’s bosom with radiance. Burn
    because you are soft. Banish fear and grief.
    Be hard as stone, be diamond.”

    The poem ‘Coal to Diamond’ beautifully portrays the sweat and toil one has to go through to achieve something great in life.

    5 Best Poems of Allama Iqbal

    The Beauty and Love

    Just as the moon’s silver boat is drowned
    In the storm of sun’s light at the break of dawn

    Just as the moon-like lotus disappears
    Behind the veil of light in the moon-lit night

    Just like the Mosa’s radiant palm in the Nur’s effulgence
    And the flower bud’s fragrance in the wave of garden’s breeze
    Similar is my heart in the flood of Thy Love
    If Thou art the assembly, I am the assembly’s splendour
    If Thou art the Beauty’s thunder, I am the produce of Love

    If Thou art the dawn, my tears are Thy dew
    If I am traveller’s night, Thou art my twilight

    My heart harbours Thy dishevelled hair locks
    My bewilderment is created by Thy picture
    Thy Beauty is perfect, my Love is perfect
    Thou art the spring’s breeze for my poetry’s garden
    Thou gave tranquillity to my restless imagination

    Since Thy Love took residence in my breast
    New lights have been added to my mirror

    Love’s nature gets stimulation for Perfection from Beauty
    My hope’s trees flourished through Thy favour
    My caravan has reached its destination.

    This poem ‘The Beauty and Love’ is the impulsive expression of Divine Love. Iqbal uses very mystical and figurative language throughout.

    These traits of the Love of God can be translated to anyone whom one is in love with.

    Before his death in 1938, Iqbal famously recited: “The melodies bygone may come again; or never more. The Zephyr (Soft breeze) from Hijaz may come again; or never more.

    “The days of this Faqir (poor wander) are ended now; for evermore. And yet another seer may come or not; forevermore!”

    Allama Iqbal’s poems have been translated to many languages across the globe and his work triggered a renaissance in the literary world.

    A dynamic philosopher of his time, his poetry will continue to inspire many generations to come.

    Shameela is a creative journalist, researcher and published author from Sri Lanka. holding a Masters in Journalism and a Masters in Sociology, she's reading for her MPhil. An aficionado of Arts and Literature, she loves Rumi's quote “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”



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