10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear

Fashionistas are now turning their attention towards merging the styles of traditional Indian clothing and streetwear.

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - F-2

Many of these styles are already being rocked by influencers.

Streetwear fashion is making waves across the globe, especially in India where individuals are embracing the unique style.

However, for those who still want to embrace traditional Indian clothing whilst also rocking a streetwear look, there are ways to have the best of both fashion worlds.

By embedding Indian clothing pieces into the streetwear style, individuals can embrace both fashion styles without losing aspects of the culture they love.

DESIblitz presents you with 10 different ways you can blend Indian clothing with streetwear pieces to give you a standout Indo-western vibe.

Saree Blouse and Cargo Pants

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 1If you’re getting tired of the same old, plain, or graphic tees with cargo pants, why not try pairing a patterned saree blouse with your cargo pants to give a unique Indo-streetwear look?

Saree blouses are an incredibly versatile fashion piece that can easily be combined with western items of clothing to create an Indo-western look that is both unique and cultured.

There is an increasing number of Indian fashion enthusiasts and TikTokers who are wearing saree blouses in their everyday lives, especially in the streetwear scene and are offering netizens tips on how to style different blouses with cargo trousers.

The best thing about this streetwear look is that you can go to the club, and you won’t have a matching outfit with anyone as yours will be a one-of-a-kind look that fuses two incredible fashion worlds.

Printed Bomber Jackets

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 2Bomber jackets are a streetwear style staple item, but when the piece is adorned by an Asian-inspired print, the look can be completely elevated.

Big-name brands like NorBlack NorWhite, which specializes in Indo-western streetwear even have lookbooks dedicated to colourful, Indian-inspired printed bomber jackets.

These bomber jackets are perfect to wear with sneakers and jeans or even paired with your favourite cargo trousers or skirts.

Adding a printed bomber jacket is such a subtle way to infuse an Indo-western vibe into your streetwear look.

Facial Accessories

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 3Nose rings and bhindis have been key accessories in South Asian culture for centuries and now fashionistas are introducing them into the streetwear scene.

These facial accessories have long since been appropriated at festivals and runways but now Desi influencers and TikTokers are reclaiming them and wearing them with their everyday streetwear looks.

TikToker Shini (@ispyshini) has made several TikTok videos testing out wearing jhumkas and a bhindi with her everyday clothes out in public and found she felt more confident and comfortable in her skin.

There’s no doubt that these accessories add a pop of culture to the Indo-western fashion scene, but they are truly making their mark in the streetwear scene.

Restyling a Kurta

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 4There are an endless number of ways to restyle a kurta, turning the clothing piece from traditional Indian wear to stylish streetwear.

The beauty of a kurta is that it is such a comfortable and staple piece in many people’s wardrobes, meaning there are numerous clothing combinations you can adopt to achieve a streetwear vibe.

For instance, a staple black kurta paired with chunky combat boots, cigarette trousers or ripped wide-leg trousers, chunky silver jewellery and completed with some fierce makeup can create an edgy streetwear look that is sure to turn heads.

TikToker Himani Jadeja (@hintofdesi) is a big fan of creating streetwear looks using different kurtas and has posted multiple Tiktok videos for her viewers on how to style different kurta streetwear looks.

Dupatta Tops

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 5Dupatta tops are all the range in the Indo-western fashion world and are an outfit piece to try to recreate yourself if you’re looking for a streetwear look that perfectly balances Indo-western and streetwear styles.

These tops are essentially created using a printed scarf or dupatta which is wrapped around the chest area to create a unique styled top.

There are several different ways one can wrap these traditional clothing items around the chest and waist to create different desired looks.

TikToker Tamanna Khurana (@tam.creates) has several fashion videos on her TikTok from asymmetric sleeved dupatta looks to double-sleeved tops.

Tamanna also has several videos on her page where she upcycles traditional Indian clothing like lehengas and blouses to create new Indo-western clothing pieces.

Indian Jewellery

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 6Sometimes all you need to spice up a casual streetwear look is a few statement pieces of Indian jewellery.

A normal or simple streetwear look can easily be made into an Indo-western streetwear look by adding statement Indian jewellery and netizens are embracing this.

Your favourite pair of jhumkas could be the perfect addition to an oversized hoodie and cargo look and will elevate an otherwise simple look.

If you’re struggling for inspiration why not take a browse on Pinterest or Instagram to find interesting ways to pair jewellery pieces together?

Lehenga Skirt as a Dress

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 7Lehengas are well-known and traditional Indian clothing garments that many individuals wear to weddings or parties.

However, using just the lehenga skirt and a sprinkle of creativity you can create a whole new Indo-western and streetwear style outfit.

By pulling the lehenga skirt up to cover the chest, you can already create a new silhouette and a dress that is perfect for strolling down the street.

However, if the lehenga dress is too flowy for your liking or you are not a fan of the silhouette, you can always add a belt to cinch it at the waist to create a look more to your liking and flattering for your body shape.

Belt It

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 8Adding a belt to an otherwise simple outfit is perhaps one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform an outfit.

Saree belts are accessories which are mainly worn to add additional support and security around the waist to a saree, however, wearing them with your everyday jeans could infuse a pop of culture into your streetwear look.

Most saree belts are made from fabric but are embellished with various patterns, designs, and embroideries, meaning they are a great and simple Indian accessory to add to a western look.

This style hack is such a simplistic way to fuse traditional Indian fashion and streetwear and saree belts can easily be bought separately at many Indian clothing stores or even online stores like Etsy and House of Indya.

Sharara Pants

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 9Sharara pants are a traditional Indian garment known for their wide flared leg silhouette and fitted waist.

This garment has easily been embedded into Indo-western fashion and especially streetwear with many individuals pairing the pants with crop tops, mesh tops and fun tees to create a streetwear twist.

Fashion TikToker Shruti (@shrutislookbook), shows one way these pants can be styled, using an embellished belt and a white wrap-around top to create an effortless, streetwear look.

Pairing a denim jacket or denim vest with sharara pants can also easily give the look that streetwear vibe by bringing it into a casual realm and balancing out the voluminous silhouette of the pants.

Dupatta Jackets

10 Ways to Restyle Indian Clothing into Streetwear - 10Similar to the creation of a dupatta top, TikTokers have also been experimenting with dupattas as jackets.

TikToker Himani Jadeja (@hintofdesi) also offers a way that netizens can create a jacket-style item of clothing, simply by using a dupatta and a safety pin.

The dupatta jacket created by Himani adds a flair to the simple dress she is wearing and by adding a belt to cinch it at the waist, she creates a beautiful and flowy silhouette.

This provides a fun and easy way for individuals to restyle a traditional item of clothing into an easy-going streetwear item.

The mix and match of different styles truly captures the essence of urban Indians.

Many of these styles are already being rocked by influencers, celebrities, and regular people across the globe.

For instance, Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Singh have been pioneers of the Indo-western streetwear scene for years and now more people are catching on.

It is safe to say that the merging of Indian clothing and streetwear is a style that is perfect for those who want to express their culture whilst still retaining a western look.

Tiyanna is an English Language and Literature student with a passion for travel and literature. Her motto is ‘My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;’ by Maya Angelou.

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