Why your Vagina is Darker than the Rest of You

Having darker skin around your vagina is both normal and natural. We look at why your vagina may be darker than the rest of your body.

Why your Vagina is Darker than the Rest of You f

it may well be due to natural causes.

It is both natural and normal for your vagina to be darker than the rest of your body.

The colour of vaginal skin will vary from person to person, and the change is gradual.

So gradual, in fact, that you may not notice the darkening of the skin when it first happens.

Your vagina can darken with age, and hormonal changes can also result in your vaginal skin turning darker.

However, there are numerous other reasons as to why your intimate area is darker than the rest of you.

According to dermatologist Dr Nirupama Parwanda, vaginal darkening can be the result of certain infections.

Dr Parwanda says:

“Many times, the area around the vulva can get infected by fungus, which may leave dark patches.”

Although it is normal for your vagina to be darker than the rest of your body, dark skin due to infection is not healthy.

Therefore, it is important to keep your intimate areas clean to reduce the risk of vaginal infections and to seek professional help if they occur.

Dr Parwanda also says that insulin resistance can result in vaginal darkening.

She says that a condition called ‘acanthosis nigricans’ can occur when people experience insulin resistance due to significant weight gain.

With this condition, the area around the vulva darkens, as well as the inner thighs.

Why your Vagina is Darker than the Rest of You -

Having a darker-skinned vagina can also be the result of hormone changes.

Hormonal changes can occur at various stages of life.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists found that a sudden increase in oestrogen in the body can darken the vagina.

Therefore, vaginal darkening can also occur during puberty.

Reaching menopause has the same effect. As you reach menopause the oestrogen levels in your body begin to decrease, which can also cause your vagina to darken.

As well as this, oestrogen levels can be affected by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS sees small cysts develop in the ovaries, which can cause hormonal imbalances and eventually result in lower or higher levels of oestrogen.

However, the reasons surrounding your vagina being darker than the rest of you stretch past hormones.

There are also many physical factors that can contribute to vaginal darkening.

If your vagina is not well-ventilated, the skin within and around it can darken.

Your intimate areas should not be kept too confined. Copious amounts of sweat can cause trapped bacteria to form around your vagina, which can cause its skin to darken.

The friction between your thighs can contribute to this also.

If your vagina is darker than the rest of your body, it may well be due to natural causes.

However, you should seek professional help if you notice any extreme changes.

You should seek medical attention if your vaginal darkening is accompanied by other symptoms such as redness, itching and bleeding.

Also, if you experience pain during sexual intercourse, it is best to consult your gynaecologist.

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