Why has Kalki Koechlin ‘deleted’ X?

Kalki Koechlin deleted the X app on her phone. In an Instagram post, she explained her decision to quit the platform.

Kalki Koechlin reveals Casting Couch & Sex Abuse Horrors f

"I have had enough."

Kalki Koechlin has abruptly stopped using her X account, deleting the app from her phone.

The actress took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her deleting the app. She explained that her decision was down to the ongoing Israel and Palestine conflict.

In the Instagram post, Kalki said:

“Had to do this today.

“The hate and disinformation, the doom scrolling, the helplessness.

“But what really crossed the line for me, what really made me draw a boundary was the denial or the justification of Palestinian children murdered in the thousands or the denial or glorification of Israeli women being raped, tortured and murdered.

“I have had enough.”

She went on to offer some alternative platforms for her followers, ones that are free from misinformation.

Kalki also used several hashtags that are related to the ongoing crisis.

Praising her decision, actress Sayani Gupta wrote:

“Oh man. Absolutely. There’s no nuance anymore! No sense of what’s just. It’s all about polarisation. This or that. Choose a side and hate on the other.

“Also, had gotten off Twitter maybe almost two years ago. Best cleanse ever!”

One fan said: “Thank you for being one of the only few Bollywood celebrities to speak out for the cause of Palestine.

“The deafening silence from the rest who have massive influence and reach is sickening.”

Another added: “Good to see that someone from the Indian industry has some nerves to speak the truth. Love you for this.”

However, others accused Kalki of spreading misinformation herself, with one person writing:

“The claims of women being raped has been debunked.

“Haaretz is literally an Israeli-owned channel that has been spreading blatant fake news and misinformation. Not sure how you are getting unbiased info from them.”

Another said:

“At least don’t spread the same lies you wish to debunk ffs.”

Some users said Kalki was being pro-Israel.

One person said: “Checked your other sources and wow, it’s crazy that you don’t get your info from a single Palestinian source and everything you’ve mentioned is Israeli-owned/backed.”

There were also urges for her to quit platforms such as Instagram, which has also faced misinformation claims amid the conflict.

On the work front, Kalki Koechlin was last seen in Goldfish.

In the film, Kalki plays Anamika, who experiences financial struggles. Deepti Naval played her mother, a dementia sufferer.

Goldfish marked Kalki’s first acting role since Gully Boy.

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