Which 2023 UK Energy Grants can You Get?

The government has announced energy grants which could help an extra 300,000 homes. But which UK energy grants can you get in 2023?

This could save around £300-£400 per year

The UK government has announced energy grants which could help an extra 300,000 homes.

This is part of a larger plan for an “energy revolution” to boost the UK’s energy security and independence, reduce household bills and continue towards a Net Zero carbon emissions ambition.

According to the government, this should “bring bills down, keep them affordable, and make wholesale electricity prices among the cheapest in Europe”.

The government plans to “power more of Britain from Britain” with support for more green energy generation within the UK, which it says will also open up jobs in green industries.

It says it will set out plans to make electricity bills cheaper and speed up electrification for homes and businesses in the next year.

But which energy grants can you get?

Insulation Grants

Which 2023 UK Energy Grants can You Get - insulation

As part of the Great British Insulation Scheme, households in council tax bands A-D may be eligible for financial support to make it more efficient.

According to the government, up to 80% of people in these homes will qualify.

Improvements could include loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. This could save around £300-£400 per year on energy bills.

The new scheme will launch in spring 2023 and run until March 2026.

It will target two groups:

  • The ‘general group’ applies to homes with an EPC rating of D-G and in council tax bands A-D in England or A-E in Scotland. You will only be able to receive one energy-saving improvement.
  • The ‘low-income group’ applies to homes with an EPC rating of D-G that also receive means-tested benefits or are the least energy-efficient social housing. This group will be able to get heating controls as well as insulation.

Suppliers must deliver at least 20% of their annual targets to households in the low-income group.

Eligibility is more restricted for those renting privately or living in social housing.

You can apply for the scheme when a portal launches on gov.uk in the summer.

The government will put legislation together to bring its plans into action but energy suppliers should be able to start helping households before then.

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Which 2023 UK Energy Grants can You Get - boiler

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will be extended until 2028.

This scheme provides a grant of up to £5,000 towards buying a heat pump.

The government is also investing £30 million to try and boost the manufacturing and supplying of heat pumps in the UK.

This is something that will be essential if the industry is to meet growing demand.

New Investment for Electric Cars

Which 2023 UK Energy Grants can You Get - electric

The government also plans to install tens of thousands of electric vehicle chargers as part of the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure fund and On-Street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

One of the main reasons why people do not consider an electric vehicle is because there is a lack of charge points.

The government will also consult on plans that car and van manufacturers must sell a higher percentage of vehicles that have zero emissions from 2024.

Other plans for the British energy overhaul include:

  • Progressing Carbon Capture Usage and Storage projects.
  • A £160 million fund to support floating offshore wind.
  • A £240 million fund for new green hydrogen projects.
  • Incentivising investment in renewable energy through the fifth round of Contracts for Difference with a £205 million budget.
  • A competition (called Great British Nuclear) to find the best Small Modular Reactor technologies.
  • Reforming the planning process so that solar power and offshore wind projects can be built faster.
  • Working towards sustainable aviation fuels with a £165 million second round of its Advanced Fuels Fund.

Rocio Concha, Which? director of policy and advocacy, said:

“The government’s new energy efficiency proposals are an important step in the right direction.”

“The rebranded ECO+ scheme will extend government support so that homeowners in council tax bands A-D are able to access grants to improve the insulation of their homes.

“This will help to reduce energy bills in the long term – making homes warmer and more comfortable and cutting carbon emissions.

“Alongside these changes, the government needs to ensure households that are not able to access funding from the ECO scheme or other government programmes do not face unreasonable barriers to insulating their homes.

“This means working with key businesses to make sure consumers can access good quality information and advice on making their homes more energy efficient, making it easier to find a qualified and reliable installer, and helping to make insulation measures affordable for everyone.”

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