Vogue model Raudha Athif took her own life?

Vogue model Raudha Athif was found dead in her hostel room. While police wait for an autopsy report, they suspect she may have taken her own life.

Vogue Model Raudha Athif Took Her Own Life?

"Hard to believe" that she would take her own life.

Vogue model Raudha Athif has been found dead in her hostel room in Bangladesh. Police made the tragic discovery around mid-day on Wednesday 29th March 2017.

After finding her body, police have started to consider the possibility that the 21-year-old took her own life.

Zillur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Shah Makhdum Police, confirmed the suspicions. He added: “However, we can’t come to any conclusion until we get the autopsy report.” He did not reveal a date of when they expect to receive the results of the autopsy.

The Maldivian model’s death came as a horrible shock to those who knew her. Mahmuda Begum, the superintendent of the women-only hostel, said Raudha Athif “always looked happy”. Naturally, she found it “hard to believe” that the young model might take her own life.

Raudha Athif looked to enjoy an emerging career as a model. In October 2016, she featured in Vogue India’s Beauty in Diversity cover shoot. She also regularly updated her Instagram page, where she posted images of outfits, bags and selfies, which captured her stunning blue eyes.

Reports say the model, also a second-year university student, aimed to become a doctor.

She spoke of her goals in her interview with Vogue India, as part of the Diversity in Beauty 2016 campaign. She said:

“Modelling is a hobby rather than a career for me, since I’m studying to become a doctor. I’ve never been so bold as to take part in any big pageant before this.”

Raudha Athif also added: “Becoming a doctor to help people has always been my dream.”

She also revealed that before Beauty In Diversity, she had been part of only one photo shoot before, saying: “It was a small environmental campaign for our national television network, encouraging people to ban plastic bags in favour of eco-friendly alternatives.”

The 21-year-old first came to Maldivian attention in 2014 with a series of posts on Instagram, which she labelled: “Maldivian Girl With Aqua Blue Eyes.”

The shoot subsequently went viral, and gained Athif a lot of recognition and followers, leading to her shoot with Vogue.

Raudha Athif had a great career ahead of her, making her death a terrible tragedy. More details of her death are expected to follow.

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Images courtesy of Raudha Athif's Instagram and FocusMaldives.com.

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