The Truth behind Detox Diets

Detox diets are a great way of cleansing your body of harmful toxins while allowing you to lose weight at the same time. DESIblitz explores the different detoxes out there that can work well for you.

Ayurvedic Detox

Kitchari Cleanse and the Whole Food Cleanse promote eating clean and healthy.

Detoxification (detox) has become increasingly popular due to its promise that it will help with correcting common ailments within a relatively short amount of time (on average detoxes last between 7-9 days).

We are able to access a vast range of books and websites outlining the many ways that our body can be detoxified but is it an effective or even a necessary health treatment?

Medical professionals have continually questioned their value due to vague descriptions of the toxins provided and as our body are naturally equipped to detoxify themselves.

Detox DESIblitz looks more closely at some of the most popular detox packages and reviews their proposed health benefits and criticisms.

A detox is a method of alternative medicine which reportedly claims to rid the body of harmful substances called toxins that supposedly have an undesired effect on a person’s health.

Toxins are stored in fat cells and are dispelled through a generally fibre rich detox diet via skin, urine, faeces and breath. Detoxes come in different forms including detox diets, colon cleansing and detoxification devices.

Detox Diets

Detox Foot Bath

The most common form of detoxification follows a strict dietary plan as a way to kick start the body to release toxins such as pesticides and preservatives, which are unneeded for human function.

They are believed to cleanse your body and are at their most effective when your basic constitutional type is taken into consideration. Identify your basic constitutional type from the following:

Imbalances of the vata-type cleanser: potentially underweight, anxiety, dry skin, constipation, bloating, often cold, PMS: cramps, bloating and fatigue.

Imbalances of the pitta-type cleanser: medium body fat, stress, perfectionist, anger, inflammatory skin conditions, acne; loose bowels, PMS: acne anger.

Imbalances of the kapha-type cleanser: plentiful body fat (not necessarily overweight), lethargic, depressed, wakes feeling sluggish even with eight-to-ten hours sleep, can have constipation due to stagnancy but will improve with exercise, PMS: breast tenderness and water retention.

The type of constitution you have will tailor your cleanse package. The following cleanses are the most common:

Water Cleanse

Water Cleanse This is only ideal for kapha types and should only be done within a short amount of time based around no commitments like work, as plenty of rest is needed.

Activities that are associated should be avoided as they can lead to temptation e.g. meeting friends, watching television. However be warned as continuous fasting can have dangerous health consequences.

Juice Cleanse

Juice CleanseThe most popular cleanse currently and ideal for pitta and kapha types to regain their balance from the greens that are used in the daily juices.

However a solely liquid diet can lead to headaches, feeling light headed and constantly feeling hungry.

Juices are made from raw fruits and vegetables and it is recommended to do the cleanse only three days at a time.

Whole Food Cleanse

Whole Food CleanseThis cleanse says goodbye to all processed foods, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol in order to make way for the consumption of whole natural foods like fruits and vegetables.

Whole foods will improve your digestion and help your body to eliminate toxins easier from your blood and body tissues.

Simply consuming natural ingredients can boost your energy and make you feel rejuvenated.

Kitchari Cleanse

Kitchari Cleanse Kitchari is a traditional dish of mung beans, rice, ghee and spices that is consumed within Ayurveda cleansing.

Kitchari has incredible health benefits as it is a complete protein, easily digestible and soothes the nervous system.

Ayurveda cleansing is a gentler version of the Panchakarma diet, which is a cleansing program for the body, mind and consciousness that should only be done under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

A clinical internship centre in India opened last year training Ayurvedic Practitioners whilst treating clients who would like to receive Panchakarma.

Colon Cleansing

Colon CleanseA colonic is administered using salt, coffee or herbs to remove food particles from the colon to promote good health.

Water flushing toxins as well as good molecules through the intestine to the bloodstream is claimed to be an unnecessary procedure as the colon is self-sufficient in cleaning itself out.

Detoxification Devices

These devices claim to purify the body and range from foot baths with a mild electrical current to adhesive pads applied to the skin.

Medical experts are weary of the claims that these devices make as the human body has several organs including kidney and liver that are designed to cleanse the blood and gut.

Adhesive PadsThe brown toxin that appears on the adhesive pads once worn tends to be from the oxidation of the ingredients in the pads and rusted iron leaching from electrodes produces the brownish appearance from the food bath.

Medical professionals state that the toxins that are claimed to be removed through detoxes have no scientific basis as our liver and kidneys automatically excrete toxic materials in a safe manner. Detoxes run the risk of depleting toxins in a dangerously rapid process.

However, detox diets such as the Kitchari Cleanse and the Whole Food Cleanse promote eating clean and healthy, which should be a recommended wellbeing lifestyle at a time when Type 2 diabetes is at epidemic proportions in India, and common among the South Asian community living in Britain.

Clare is a History Graduate who writes about important current issues. She enjoys learning about being healthy, playing the piano and reading as knowledge definitely is power. Her motto is 'Treat every second in your life as holy.'

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