7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Check out these top Birmingham Desi pubs and their mixed grills that have succulent chicken tikka, yummy lamb chops and crispy fish pakora,

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

"The food is so so so good you cannot fault it"

Birmingham is home to some of the most incredible Desi pubs serving the most succulent mixed grills.

A mixed grill is full of different combinations of South Asian meats and fish.

Normally, it consists of moist tandoori chicken, crispy fish pakoras, spicy kebabs and delicious lamb chops, all resting on a bed of sizzling onions.

This dish has soared in popularity within Birmingham and the UK with both South Asians and non-South Asians. It’s become a part of the British culture.

There’s nothing better for pub-goers than visiting the local on a Friday night and having a smoking mixed grill placed on your table.

But, which Desi pubs are the best ones to visit for this cultural phenomenon? DESIblitz lists the top 7 places to go to for this delicious dish.

Hen & Chickens

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

This popular pub sits in the centre of Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter and draws in massive crowds every week.

Hen & Chickens offer up both a small and large version of their famous mixed grill, with the latter coming in at £19.95.

Their hearty mixed grill portion is filled with marinated chicken, lamb chops, and you can even add fish pakoras if you’re feeling indulgent.

It comes with numerous sauces and most people add a portion of masala fries.

The mixed grill is full to the brim with South Asian spices for juicy and tender pieces of meat and fish.

They also serve up other tasty curries like butter chicken and lamb madras with a wide range of fresh naan bread.

Address: 27 Constitution Hill, Birmingham, B19 3LE

The Soho Tavern

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

This family-run Desi pub is a staple amongst Birmingham natives and many believe it to be the best place for a mixed grill.

Their prices are also quite popular for those with all budgets. Their small mixed grill starts at £8.95 and you can upgrade to a medium version for £12.95 or the large for £17.95.

The Soho Tavern even offer up a flavourful boneless version that includes king prawns.

However, the pub doesn’t stop there because they also have a vegetarian option, so those with all palettes can enjoy the yumminess of South Asian cuisine.

The modern interior helps you to feel at ease as you digest their hot and hearty dishes.

Address: 407 Park Road, Birmingham, B18 5SR

The Keg & Grill

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Tucked away in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre is The Keg & Grill.

They offer a great selection of ales, lagers and soft drinks to go with their iconic mixed grill platters.

Their authentic recipes cooked by experienced chefs are all you need to fill up those appetites.

Their regular mixed grill comes in at a reasonable £13.95, whilst their large option is £18.95 and a vegetarian option is £9.95.

The Desi pub went under a massive renovation and has seen a surge in popularity.

Many families love to share a mixed grill before diving into pungent curries, which include daal makhani, chicken jalfrezi and fish masala curry.

Address: 52 Upper Gough Street, Birmingham, B1 1JL

The Merrymaid Bar and Grill

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Situated on Mosely Road, The Merrymaid Bar and Grill serves up impeccable mixed grills every day of the week.

It has kept the traditional look of a classic British pub but their tasty Desi food is the staple of this place.

Their small mixed grill sits at £13 and their large is £16 but serves up to four people.

Including flavourful chicken wings, sheesh kebabs and marinated lamb, one local said:

“The food is so so so good you cannot fault it. It’s now going to be my go-to place for a mixie.”

They also serve up hefty curries and Indian dishes that are all served in unique balti plating, along with fresh salad and spongy naan bread.

Address: 263 Moseley Road, Birmingham, B12 0EA

Special Spices

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Special Spices is seen as another main spot to hit if you want the perfect mixed grill fit for any taste buds.

The huge pub has two sides, both equipped with TVs, bars, tables and more than enough seating.

However, it’s their massive menu that takes the billing here. Their small mixed grill only comes in at £10 and their large is £15, making it one of the most affordable on the list.

However, Special Spices also offer a tandoori special grill for £20 which is the most famous.

This dish includes three lamb chops, four sheesh kebabs, eight pieces of chicken tikka, two king prawns and two tandoori salmon.

The salmon is the focal point here, dripping with all those spices on a bed of sweet sizzling onions.

Accompany this with your favourite naan bread or go for some chilli chips for that extra kick.

Address: 270 Newton Road, Birmingham, B43 6QU

The Grove Pub and Restuarant

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Located in Handsworth, The Grove is one of the oldest pubs in Birmingham but continues to stay buzzing with a great atmosphere and delicious food.

The well-known pub delivers great dishes each and every time using authentic recipes and established chefs.

Their regular mixed grill is £11.50 whilst their large is £16.50.

The Grove also does a vegetarian mixed grill. All of their specialities boast immense flavours that leave your mouth watering for more.

One food lover commented on TripAdvisor, stating:

“If you’re after mixed grill, then this place is amongst possibly the best 4/5 places in Birmingham.”

They even offer up a spacious beer garden during the summer to enjoy cold drinks under the sun.

Address: 279 Grove Lane, Birmingham, B20 2HA

The New Bell

7 Top Desi Pubs to Visit in Birmingham for a Mixed Grill

Committed to bringing high-quality Indian dishes is this family-owned pub in Great Barr.

The New Bell went under massive renovation and expands into two sides with two bars, two lounges and even an additional event room that opens up when the pub gets busy.

The Desi flavour is strong within the pub, serving up traditional dishes as well as Indo-Chinese options – their chilli fish being the most popular here.

Their regular mixed grill is £10.50 and their large comes at £16.50.

However, they also offer up the famous ‘The New Bell Special Family Grill’.

The dish is decked out with all the usual spicy meats, including fish pakora, lamb chops and includes naan.

Their vegetarian option at £15 is also highly popular and comes out smoking with soy tikka, mixed peppers and crispy spring rolls (just to mention a few).

Address: Booths Farm Rd, Birmingham, B42 2NX

These top Desi pubs are booming with their special mixed grills which are making their customers very happy.

They’ve given a new dimension to the ‘typical’ British pub and Birmingham is now full of these South Asian cuisines which everyone can enjoy.

For some, there’s nothing better than a beer and a curry. Now, these pubs offer much more and their mixed grills are slowly becoming the main staple for pub food across the city and country.

Each of these establishments offers a unique selection of dishes but one thing is guaranteed, they will all leave you satisfied and stomach full.

Check them out and see for yourself.

Balraj is a spirited Creative Writing MA graduate. He loves open discussions and his passions are fitness, music, fashion, and poetry. One of his favourite quotes is “One day or day one. You decide.”

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