Top 5 Fireworks for Diwali

Its that time of year again, when beautiful celebratory explosions tear through the sky. We look at the top five fireworks to fuel your Diwali celebrations.


The Godfather chucks out a steady barrage of single shots that explode, one after the other.

Fireworks are quite possibly the definitive expression of celebration.

Every year, we collectively glove up, stand shoulder to shoulder, and watch brilliant lights chase each other across the sky.

Art and execution are at a peak when organisers choreograph the explosive shows.

From cakes (single fuse collection of fireworks) to candles (single tube based explosions), there is a display for everyone to enjoy with friends and family.

In the run up to Diwali, we take a look at the bang behind the beauty, in our rundown of the top five fireworks, that you will want to indulge in for the festive season.

Ultimate Diwali Night

Ultimate Diwali NightType: Bundle
Price: £2000
SellerEpic Fireworks

We’ll admit to cheating slightly for this one. The Ultimate Diwali Night bundle isn’t so much ‘a’ firework, but 104 of them.

Excusing the crude analogy, that means there are three more fireworks in this package than there are Dalmatians.

At £2000 (RRP – £4609.11), this big kahuna collection might be too pricey for some. Nonetheless, this thing spews 4235 shots for over 15 minutes, so the package definitely has the bang for your buck.

The pack, from Epic Fireworks includes a firing order, set up plan, safety instructions and two pairs of safety goggles. With a noise rating of 8/10 and a recommended distance of 25 metres, this is definitely the package for an explosive Diwali.

The bundle is available for delivery or collection. In an exercise of excessiveness, if you opt to collect the bundle, they’ll throw in seven Sky Thriller rockets (worth £209.93) on top for free.

Fort Sentinel

Fort SentinelType: Cake
Price: £49.92
SellerEpic Fireworks

Not everybody wants to be ‘that noisy neighbour’. For those looking to celebrate the festival of lights without deafening the locals, Fort Sentinel is for you.

This package, from the awarding ‘Brothers Pyrotechnics’ focuses on bright lights over bangs.

From sweeping, colourful sparks, to big glitter filled bursts, the package sells for £49.92 at Epic Fireworks.

The Fort Sentinel kicks out 52 shots over half a minute and has a noise rating of 5/10.


CrusaderType: Cake
Price: £50.00

This cake firework is a Tesco hit. The colourful display boasts: “A powerful, heavy hitting 48 shot aerial display, with
red, green and purple crackle willows, lemon umbrellas and glitter crackle to light up the sky.”

The Crusader has earned a four star rating. However, some past buyers had hoped for a more lengthy display, and commented that it is slightly short.

In any case, at £50, the pack is decent value for money (as well as the 50 Clubcard points it will bag you).

This makes the Crusader a great option for smaller parties, or even as a nice, steady warm up to an ear shattering grand finale.

The Godfather Display Kit

The God FatherType: 3x individual cakes
Price: £199
SellerFirework Crazy

The Godfather is the award winning ‘Brothers Pyrotechnics’ second entry on our list.

This kit contains three individual cakes that can be lit separately or linked together to suit.

Initially, The Godfather chucks out a steady barrage of single shots that explode, one after the other. As the show goes on, the bangs come in threes and fours, boasting a multitude of colours and effects.

The climatic glittery explosion is certainly worth the two and a half minute wait with 188 shots, making this £200 kit worth the price.

Panther Attack

Panther Attack

Type: Cake
Price: £129.99
SellerFirework Crazy

This entry from ‘Fireworks International’ is new for 2014.

Panther Attack starts with a number of thin glittery streaks that travel across the sky. The real show starts at around fifteen seconds though.

The streaks get heavier, and the bangs get bigger and more colourful, teasing onlookers with brief flashes of red and blue.

Eventually, violent explosions of colour light up the night for a truly ‘grand’ finale. In total it includes 208 shots which last for 140 seconds.

Panther Attack goes for £129.99 (from £149.99) at Firework Crazy.

With so many incredible firework displays to choose from, you can be sure that your Diwali will be full of festive cheer, and colourful bangs. A very Happy Diwali to all those celebrating!

Zak is an English Language and Journalism graduate with a passion for writing. He is an avid gamer, football fan and music critic. His life motto is “Out of many, one people.”

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