The Apprentice’s Denisha announces Pregnancy after Exit

Denisha was the fourth candidate to be fired from ‘The Apprentice’ and following her exit, she announced that she is pregnant.

The Apprentice's Denisha announces Pregnancy after Exit f

"I'm building a family and a business at the same time."

Following her exit from The Apprentice, Denisha Kaur Bharj announced she is expecting her first child.

Denisha was the project manager for her team in the iconic buying challenge, where candidates source and buy a list of items for as cheap as possible.

But her time as leader was not easy as her team’s communication faltered early on during the task.

In the boardroom, Lord Sugar felt Denisha lacked people skills and subsequently fired her.

Denisha appeared on The Apprentice: You’re Fired and revealed that she is pregnant.

As she cradled her growing bump, host Tom Allen joked that something had changed about the entrepreneur, to which she replied:

“It might be I’m building a family and a business at the same time.”

Denisha later explained that she is both starting a family and growing her business. She said:

“I have obviously got the launch of my new product, the lash shampoo, but as well as building that, I am going to be building a family.

“When we were leaving the process and they were asking us how we felt, I honestly genuinely think everything happens for a reason.”

She stated that she knows the baby’s gender but will be trying to keep it a secret. However, she admitted it will be difficult as she is “not very good at lying at all!”

The Apprentice's Denisha announces Pregnancy after Exit

Speaking about her time on The Apprentice, Denisha said:

“I don’t think I had the chance to really showcase all of my skills to Lord Sugar. I had more to give, yeah.

“I was actually looking forward to the scavenger hunt task as I deal with supply and negotiations on a daily basis in my business. I was looking forward to it but clearly it didn’t go well.”

Looking back on her time on the show, Denisha admitted things could have been done differently.

She said: “When you’re watching it, you’re always thinking why haven’t they done this or why have they not done that and then when you’re on the task and actually see how much time you’ve got, it’s pressured.

“Putting me as sub-team leader last week definitely put me in the limelight.

“Nobody wanted to step up as sub-team leader, it didn’t go well and led to me being made PM for the next task. I did think we had it in the bag and we were going to win.

“There was just so much going on in that task, it was just manic really.”

“When I look back, I definitely think if I’d known my team hadn’t been using their phone I could have guided them and really pinpointed where I wanted them to go instead of leaving them to it and actually work as a team.”

On the boardroom, Denisha explained:

“[The boardroom] is tense. You’ve just got yourself and Lord Sugar there, but I actually wasn’t nervous.

“I enjoyed being in there and enjoyed speaking with Lord Sugar as he really gets to know you in there.

“It was definitely intense but I enjoyed it and wasn’t worried when I was going into the boardroom at all.”

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