Sunny Leone hotting up for JISM 2

Sunny Leone the Indo-Canadian adult film star is embarking on her first Bollywood film, Jism 2. The movie a sequel to the bold and sensual 2003 Jism, will feature Sunny as the lead female. She is very excited and is making an extra effort by following a fitness and health regime to make her look amazingly hot and sexy in the film.

"Sexy scenes, but no sex, guys."

Sunny Leone is on a regime of toning up and a balanced diet to look as hot as she can for her first Bollywood movie, Jism 2. The Indo-Canadian porn star will play the female lead in the Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt sequel to Jism, which starred Bipasha Basu in the bold lead role.

Sunny was formally announced as the Jism 2 girl by Pooja Bhatt further to her stint on Big Boss 5 (the Indian TV equivalent to Big Brother in the UK) in 2011. Sunny will be joined by Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda as her ‘love interests’ in the new film which takes to the floors in April 2012.

Mahesh Bhatt said of the two male leads: “Yes. They both are right for the roles. Arunoday has the physical attributes and sensitivity needed to deliver what we expect from this role.” And added: “One is dark and brooding and the other has a more flamboyant, swashbuckling personality. Sunny is the diva.”

Bhatt also revealed that: “Imran Zahid will be playing a key role in JISM 2. This young man from Bokaro,Jharkand has certainly come a long way!”

Sunny has been working hard to make sure her debut movie is going to be a success. She is aiming to make herself to be even hotter and sexier than Bipasha. Sunny said: “Yes I am working on getting fit for Jism 2. There are a lot of sexy scenes in the movie.”

But when asked what kind of sex scenes, she replied: “For everyone asking! Sex is illegal in movies in india!!!!” Sexy scenes, but no sex, guys.”

Being on Big Boss 5 helped her lose weight too. Speaking of the show she said: “I lost 12 pounds on the show and now I’m just trying to tone up for Jism2.” Apart from the workout and good eating habits,

Apart from regular physical workouts, Sunny has been keenly following special low-fat diet and also following Bikaram Choudhary’s Yoga classes.

To make sure her pronunciations meet the expectations of audiences and the director, Leone is also busy taking Hindi lessons. A similar feat to Katrina Kaif when she first started in Bollywood. Talking about her lessons, Sunny tweeted: “At the gym and also taking audio Hindi lessons! Hindi Hindi Hindi!”

“The people around me probably think I’m crazy. Lol repeating what I hear out loud in Hindi… Haha whatever! Anything for @jism2”.

“I believe this is my birth right2speak Hindi and punjabi it’s who I am.Indian &proud!& @jism2 is giving my big break in movies,So thankful!!.”

Tweets by the makers of the film on Twitter say:

“If JISM raised the bar with regards to how Bipasha Basu was styled & presented, wait & watch what we have planned for @Sunnyleone in #JISM2.”

Sunny will be growing her hair long and lush for Jism 2. “I had a haircut after going home from India to make it healthy. I really want my hair to grow really fast right now for Jism 2,” said Leone.

There has also been talk at the rumour mill of Sunny being considered for an item number in Ram Gopal Varma’s film Department. But sources say that Sunny signed a contract with the Bhatts which stipulates she would not do anything apart from Jism 2 whilst working on the film. To quash this buzz, Leone tweeted and said:

“Everything else you hear in the news is not true. I am going to make my debut with @jism2 🙂 ONLY!!!! I LOVE @jism2(sic).”

The initial poster for Jism 2 has raised questions too if the woman wrapped in a wet cloth is Sunny Leone. Because many say it was produced before Sunny was signed for the film. This is possible because the girl in the image has longer legs than Sunny and also protruding ribcage, which does not match the voluptuous figure of Leone.

Jism 2 is much awaited and many wonder how the Indian censor board will react to the film based on the noise about it so far and how will the Bhatts aim to get round the board? Mahesh stated:

“The Censor Board allows us only that much. We will operate within what the law of the land permits. The idea is to make a film with a coherent narrative instead of one, which only titillates. The physical and sensual experience of this film will give the viewers a spiritual one.”

So, now all eyes will be on what the Bhatts will produce using Sunny Leone, an open minded sex symbol and porn star from Canada in her first Bollywood film, which should be lighter work for her compared to her previous ‘more demanding’ filming roles. And the question on everyone’s mind is will Sunny Leone be hotter and bolder than Bipasha Basu in the Jism sequel?

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