Sunny Deol reacts to Gadar 2 being called ‘Anti-Pakistani’

Gadar 2 has been a huge success but some critics have labelled the film “anti-Pakistani”. Sunny Deol has reacted to the claims.

Sunny Deol reacts to Gadar 2 being called 'Anti-Pakistani' f

"Don't take this film so seriously"

Sunny Deol has reacted to the claims that Gadar 2 is an anti-Pakistani film.

The film has been a huge success, however, there has been some criticism that Gadar 2 is an “anti-Pakistan” film.

Speaking about this criticism, Sunny said:

“See, it’s basically a political thing mostly.

“It’s not actually the people, genuine people, because at end of the day, it’s all humanity there.

“Whether it’s here or there (Pakistan), everyone’s together.

“And even you’ll see that throughout the film, I never run anybody down, because I don’t believe in running people down or anything and Tara Singh is not that kind of a person.”

Some viewers pointed out that Gadar 2 was released during a “politically tense climate” and that the antagonist is a Pakistani national.

On these factors, Sunny elaborated:

“We all want peace, you know, and nobody wants all this thing to happen.

“But it’s high time the politicians started seeing the world not from [the point of view of votes] because everybody does it for the sake of votes.

“Don’t take this film so seriously… cinema comes in for entertainment.

“It’s not coming from any other point of view. And then obviously, there’s an exaggeration in cinema because that’s how you want the characters to be.

“If they’re not exaggerated, you don’t enjoy it.

“Because if a person is bad, you want to say no, he is bad. If a person is good, you want to see the person good.

“And that’s a certain sector of cinema.”

Gadar 2 was released on August 11, 2023, and it was well-received.

The film has currently grossed Rs. 577 Crore worldwide (£57 million), making it the second-highest grossing Hindi film of 2023.

Sunny Deol previously reacted to the film’s success.

Stating that the characters have received love from two generations, Sunny said:

“I am indeed very happy.

“When we did the second part of Gadar, we never knew it would be so loved by the audience.

“Two whole generations have gone by since we did the first Gadar. And still, people are as excited as they were the first time. I am amazed and very very happy.

“We need some hits to keep the film industry on its feet.”

He also revealed “the secret to his longevity”, saying he does not think about how old he is.

Sunny added that he works to the best of his abilities “regardless” of his age.

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