Sunny & Ameesha reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2

Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel delve into their roles, the character evolution, and the profound influence of ‘Gadar’ on their lives.

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2

"He never brings his star status onto the set."

As the release of Gadar 2: The Katha draws near, fans of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha are awaiting the continuation of the narrative that left an indelible mark on cinema history.

The romantic-action drama, directed by Anil Sharma, unfolded against the backdrop of the Partition of India and made a monumental impact at the box office upon its 2001 release.

The story centres on Tara Singh, an Amritsar-based truck driver, who finds love in the arms of Sakeena, a Lahore-born girl from a political family in Pakistan.

Directed and produced by Anil Sharma, the sequel brings back the powerhouse duo of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, reprising their roles from the original film.

With a backdrop set against the “Crush India” campaign of 1971, Gadar 2 promises to delve deeper into the lives of its characters and the intricate emotions that tie them together.

In an interview, Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel share their insights on their roles, the evolution of their characters, and the impact of Gadar on their lives.

Evolution of Characters

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2 - 1The enduring power of Gadar lies in its timeless characters that audiences instantly connect with.

Sunny Deol, who portrays Tara Singh once again, admits: “The characters remain the same, but the times have changed.

“These years have moved forward, and we are living in the world that exists now, interacting with the situations at hand.

“The film was set in the time of 1971, during the era of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. So, the story is plotted in that context.

“Pathankot is there, Tara Singh is there; it’s a border town where the essence of love originated.”

Ameesha Patel, embodying Sakeena, highlights the depth of her character’s growth:

“The family’s story continues, the son has grown up, and we are pretty much the same as before.”

The seamless transition of characters through time adds a layer of authenticity to the film’s narrative.

Sunny Deol’s Emotional Journey

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2 - 2Sunny Deol’s return to his iconic role was not without its share of apprehension.

He candidly expresses: “Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about whether we would do justice and continue the legacy of the first part.”

Director Anil Sharma sheds light on the emotional moment that convinced Deol to take up the mantle once again, revealing:

“I requested him that the entire nation has been requesting a sequel and we should respect their emotions.

“After many calls, he finally agreed to hear the story.

“When we sat down for narration and finished it, he had tears in his eyes. That’s how the journey of Gadar 2 started.”

This emotional connection to the story underscores the profound impact the film series has had on its lead actor.

Chemistry On and Off-Screen

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2 - 3The undeniable chemistry between Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel is a cornerstone of the Gadar legacy.

Ameesha Patel opens up about their bond, sharing: “Gadar is a film that runs in everyone’s veins.

“Whether it’s Anil ji or our producers at Zee, I am here, and Sunny is here.

Gadar is a reflection of who we are. It’s synonymous with us, just like that.”

Ameesha goes on to reveal their shared camaraderie: “We love expensive and tasteful things. We both love candles.

“And you know, he is the only hero who smells so good; people make fun of me saying I douse myself in perfume, but he smells so fresh, so good.

“Yet, he is the most down-to-earth, humble person.

“He never brings his star status onto the set. He is sincere in his work.”

Their chemistry on-screen is an extension of their genuine rapport off-screen, contributing to the authenticity of their character’s emotional journey.

Life Lessons & Empowerment

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2 - 4Ameesha Patel shares her insights on the character of Sakeena, emphasising the qualities young girls should draw inspiration from:

“It’s a role you are taking on. If I’m playing a younger character, I’m playing that character.

“If I’m playing an older character, I’m playing that character… they worry about their career going in a certain direction.

“And I say, ‘What nonsense!’ In other matters, you do all sorts of crooked things, and your career doesn’t suffer.

“But when it comes to a good story, suddenly career becomes a concern.”

Patel’s stance reflects the importance of embracing meaningful roles that contribute positively to cinema.

Reflections on Two Decades

Sunny Deol & Ameesha Patel reveal ‘Jodi’ secrets for Gadar 2 - 5The journey of Gadar over the past two decades has not only transformed the landscape of Indian cinema but has also left an indelible mark on the lives of its lead actors.

Ameesha Patel reflects on her personal growth, sharing: “It’s been a journey. I’ve matured.

“When Gadar came out, I was just a school and college girl. Life has taught me a lot.”

Sunny Deol acknowledges the everlasting impact of Gadar:

“We had made Gadar, but the audience made it a blockbuster. It’s synonymous with us, just like that.”

The film’s influence on their careers and perspectives is undeniable, and the sequel’s imminent release is a testament to the unwavering love and demand from fans.

As Gadar 2: The Katha gears up for its release on August 11, 2023, the anticipation among fans is palpable.

The insights shared by Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel offer a glimpse into the evolution of the characters, promising a captivating cinematic experience that will resonate with audiences.

The sequel not only continues the legacy of the original film but also adds a fresh layer of authenticity, further cementing Gadar as an iconic masterpiece in Indian cinema.

Watch the ‘Gadar 2’ Trailer


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