Soni Razdan slams Instagram as Alia & Shaheen receive abuse

Alia Bhatt’s mother, Soni Razdan has criticised Instagram for not to protecting her daughters from abuse. Instead, they are forced to protect themselves.

Soni Razdan condemns Instagram for not protecting daughters Alia & Shaheen f

"It’s high time it was stopped at the source itself."

Bollywood actress Soni Razdan and mother of Alia Bhatt has lashed out at Instagram for failing to curb harassment.

Her reaction comes after her daughter Shaheen Bhatt called out the popular social media site for failing to prevent online abuse.

On Monday, 13 July 2020, Shaheen shared screenshots of the hateful messages she and her sister Alia Bhatt have received.

Taking to Instagram stories, she wrote:

“A country where rather than being raised on empathy, most people are raised with the explicit permission to hate.

“A country where a woman is either your mother, your sister, your wife or a w****. A country where not just men, but women feel like the worst thing you can call another woman is a s***.”

Shaheen continued to question those who are guilty of such online harassment. She went on to address her harassers directly saying:

“So, I speak now to those of you who think it’s okay to send me or anyone messages full of hate.

“If you send me a message with the sole hope (I say hope because I promise you – nothing you say keeps me up at night) of humiliating, insulting or bullying me, then the following will happen.

“The messages or comments will first be blocked and reported to Instagram directly.

“You will forfeit the right to your privacy. I will NOT protect your identity. Every sh**ty message you will send me will – should I choose to – go up for everyone to see.

“Abusers are emboldened by their anonymity. I will not help hide you. I WILL use all legal resources available to me to take action.

“If you think you can’t be located because your account is anonymous, please think again – IP addresses are easily trackable. You are not invisible. Harassment is a crime.”

Now, Soni Razdan has come out in support of her daughter Shaheen. Sharing a screenshot of a section of Shaheen’s post, she wrote:

“@instagram I do hope you’re reading this and taking some note of it. Because it really gets to the root of the issue.

“So easily na to let the abusers off the hook. To let yourself off the hook. To let the onus fall on the abused to take action to protect themselves.

“It’s basically and fundamentally ALL WRONG.”

“And it’s high time it was stopped at the source itself. And the stinking abusers get their just desserts.

“Social media has for too long now become the most antisocial media mainly because those running the platforms are not doing enough to prevent abuse.”

Soni’s post was supported by her followers including members of the film fraternity.

Filmmaker Pooja Bhatt wrote:

“I completely agree. @instagram needs to have a good, hard look at their policies. The trolls who spew venom in the name of others need to be brought to book.

“Why should I disallow comments and block people who are respectful and kind even in their criticism or disagreement?

“Abusive behaviour needs to be nipped in the bud. We shouldn’t have to change the ways we live our lives.”

Actress Koel Purie supported Soni Razdan. She said:

“Sorry you and your loved ones are at the end of this disgusting awfulness. We humans are capable of so much hate when we have the capacity for so much love. So sad.”

We wait to see whether Instagram reacts to her post and takes action concerning the abuse suffered by Shaheen and Alia Bhatt.

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