Shannon Singh Fell Pregnant whilst on Contraception

‘Love Island’ star Shannon Singh spoke of her shock after she fell pregnant despite being on contraception.

Shannon Singh says She fell Pregnant whilst on Contraception f

“I was really sad when I got pregnant on the patch.”

Shannon Singh revealed she fell pregnant despite being on contraception.

The former Love Island star opened up on her difficult history with birth control on her new podcast Hushed.

During the podcast, the 24-year-old said she was shocked to discover she was pregnant even though she was using a contraceptive patch.

Shannon explained: “I recently just got pregnant on the patch.

“I was in the bits. I was like ‘what the f**k is going on?’

“It was horrible and now because of all of that I refuse to go on anything.”

Shannon said she asked her doctor what went wrong. She was told the patch was not 100% effective.

She also explained how she’s struggled to find the correct contraceptives throughout her life after suffering heavy periods and other side effects.

Shannon continued: “Me getting pregnant on the patch – now I don’t trust anything.

“I can’t see myself ever going back on contraception.

“I was really sad when I got pregnant on the patch.”

Shannon was told about alternatives but did not feel any were suitable.

The main one was the coil but she was told one of the side effects could be heavier periods – which she already struggles with – while she had also read other horror stories.

However, Shannon wanted to speak honestly about her own experience and urged other women to start talking about their bodies whether their experiences have been positive or negative.

Shannon Singh added:

“I feel like as women, we need to speak about it more.”

The former glamour model recently launched her podcast and in one episode, she recalled getting high on magic mushrooms with her parents.

She explained: “I love shrooms. For my dad’s 50th, I had shrooms from Amsterdam, they must have found their way in my house.

“I booked my mum and dad a place in the Lake District, in nature, and it was beautiful.

“I brought them and it was a perfect sunny day, we had a hot tub and stuff in the garden and I was like ‘you know what, we’re all going to do shrooms today’ and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

“I have a video of my mum hugging a tree.

“People probably think that’s really weird, like why would you do shrooms with your family, but I have so many friends that do shrooms at raves and It actually freaks me out, I could never do that.

“I’ll never take shrooms at a rave, it freaks me out. I’ve been doing shrooms for years now. I’ll always continue to do it, my family know I do it.

“I’m very safe when I do it, there’s so many benefits.”

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