Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht ‘Kismet’ to the UK

Shahid Khan, known as the ‘Tash with the Cash’, brought his £140 million superyacht ‘Kismet’ to London on the River Thames in luxurious style.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK f

"Kismet stretches over five decks suitable for parties of up to 270 guests."

Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. owner Shahid Khan sailed through the Thames in his luxurious superyacht ‘Kismet’ ahead of a clash of NFL Titans.

His side plays Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles in front of 90,000 fans at Wembley Stadium, London.

This comes after the 68-year-old billionaire, nicknamed the ‘Tash with the Cash’ withdrew his bid to buy the stadium for £600 million a week ago.

The lavish vessel sailed through Denton Wharf in Gravesend before mooring at Butlers Wharf on the Thames.

Khan is believed to have purchased the 308 foot-long yacht for an eye-watering £140 million.

Kismet, which means ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’, was last seen in London during March 2018. It was ordered in 2015 to replace another boat of the same name, also owned by Mr Khan.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK

It was delivered by German-based leading yacht manufacturer Lürssen, who have built some of the world’s most impressive custom superyachts.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK

The original Kismet was 223 foot-long and was rechristened Global after it was sold for £69 million.

Khan’s luxury yacht boasts six bedrooms that can accommodate 12 guests with a master room complete with its own private deck.

It also has a jacuzzi, sports bar, cinema and helipad as well as lounging and eating areas on three different decks.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK

A spokesperson from HelloMonaco said: “Built with corporate entertainment and charter in mind, Kismet stretches over five decks suitable for parties of up to 270 guests.”

The Pakistani-American businessman’s superyacht also features an impressive Jaguar statue, symbolic of his Jacksonville Jaguars side.

Celebrities invited on board can enjoy a swim in the boat’s pool or have a bite to eat from the fully equipped barbecue.

Kismet has been finished in a luxurious style to echo a five-star hotel, which includes a black marble deck and large bath made from solid onyx.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK

The spokesperson added: “Among innovative features on Kismet are her video walls, extending up to two decks high, able to regular television but programmed to display high-definition moving artwork.”

For those who want to hire the luxury superyacht, it will cost £1,050,768 per week.

Shahid Khan brings £140m Superyacht 'Kismet' to the UK

Shahid Khan amassed his fortune with automotive manufacturing company Flex-N-Gate and is the world’s richest person of Pakistani origin.

He purchased Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011 for a reported £540 million, making him the first person from an ethnic minority background to own an NFL team.

Khan bought English Premier League side Fulham F.C in 2013, estimated to be between £150-£200 million and has been seen at matches.

As for the NFL, it is a mega clash of two heavyweights at Wembley on Sunday, October 28, 2018.

But, one thing is for sure is that ‘Tash with the Cash’ definitely knows how to make an extravagant entrance to the UK in luxury with Kismet.

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