Rubi Sarang: The Emerging Operational Talent at HS2

Rubi Sarang, Project Manager at High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd, has become a positive young role model. Rubi speaks about her growing career and challenges.

Rubi Sarang a Managerial Role Model at HS2 F

"I chose HS2 because I wanted to work for a major project"

Rubi Sarang is a promising Graduate Project Manager, Commerical Railway Operations at High-Speed Two (HS2) Ltd.

The 24-year-old manages the operational cost baseline. which aims to estimate the cost of HS2 once made.

Ruby is also in charge of the West Coast Partner mobilisation, which will eventually operate the railway.

In addition, she has her teeth in several HS2 initiatives including their secondary school programme, along with being values champion for the directorate.

Ruby who always looks at the bigger picture works in a very busy and faced environment. She works in a diverse tea who appreciate and value her contribution.

She is a good role model for young aspiring graduates who may want to follow suit.

Here is an exclusive Q&A with Ruby about her career, challenges, diversity and lots more:

What made you choose a career with HS2?

“I chose HS2 because I wanted to work for a major project, that was going to change how Britain operates.”

I genuinely believe HS2 will bring benefits across the country and being able to say I have worked for such a high profile project will help me in my career.

What does a Graduate Project Manager do?

I am involved in lots of things across my directorate. The directorate is responsible for eventually operating and maintaining the Railway. I manage commercial projects within railway operations.

This can involve anything from facilitating and managing meetings, drafting and implementing project plans and schedules, stakeholder management, risk evaluation, all the way to presenting papers, carrying out assurance, and generally ensuring the project is running smoothly.

“I also do a number of things outside of my day job, I am a STEM ambassador.”

So I take part in events and activities to help encourage more people into STEM careers. I am also a mental health first aider and values champion.

What kind of challenges do you face?

I think the biggest challenge I face is stakeholder management.  Each stakeholder has its own challenges and expectations, and managing those are key.

Everyday challenges also include time management and ensuring that I can fit in all of the extra things that I do.

What kind of degree is needed for your role?

I don’t think any degree is really needed for the role, project management skills can be transferable from everyday life.

It is always helpful to understand what the organisation you work for does, but this can all be learnt on the job.

Rubi Sarang a Managerial Role Model at HS2

How can HS2 create a culture where diversity is valued?

I personally am encouraged by seeing people that look like me in jobs that I want to do.

“Representation and visibility are really important.”

Blind auditioning, and an unbiased recruitment process is obviously key. And having senior management genuinely care about ensuring that HS2 has that kind of culture.

What would you say to others looking for a similar career?

There is nothing stopping you. I never thought I would be interested in the rail industry and it might not be what I do for the rest of my life. But at the moment, I love it.

You can’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do or be something.

Ruby has been with HS2 for more than than 2 years and a half years.

She had made an application to the project management and engineering graduate schemes. This comprised of an online test, telephone interview and assessment centre.

For more information about HS2 and potential careers, please check here.

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