‘Revolver Rani’ marries Lover she Kidnapped at Wedding

‘Revolver Rani’ who kidnapped her ex-lover at his own wedding has now married him! They married on 9th July 2017, with hundreds in attendance.

'Revolver Rani' marries Lover she Kidnapped at Wedding

"I am ecstatic. I had to struggle a lot to make this day happen."

Remember the recent story of ‘Revolver Rani’? Who kidnapped her ex-lover at his own wedding by supposed gunpoint? Well, she has now married him!

Varsha Sahu, whose actions earned her the nickname ‘Revolver Rani’, married previously kidnapped Ashok Yadav on 9th July 2017. The wedding took place in a Mata Chura temple in Hamirpur, where hundreds gathered to attend.

The newly-wedded couple appeared in high spirits, despite the abduction in May 2017. As Varsha wore a bright yellow saree, Ashok kept to a simple shirt with trousers.

The Indian woman also spoke with the press during the special day. She revealed:

“I am ecstatic. I had to struggle a lot to make this day happen. First, I had to kidnap Ashok from his wedding and then I had to ensure his release from the Hamirpur district jail.”

After Ashok’s kidnapping, the family of his bride-to-be claimed he had cheated them out of the marriage and filed a complaint with police. The family added that Ashok had not informed them of his relationship with Varsha. Police soon arrested him.

However, this didn’t stop ‘Revolver Rani’. She paid his bail amount, leading police to release her lover on 4th July 2017. The Indian woman appeared outside the station to greet him, revealing to media outlets they planned to marry.

And as the wedding took place, Ashok’s family didn’t make an appearance. They also refused to bail him out while he was in custody, but they didn’t press charges against him. However, a few of Varsha’s family attended the ceremony.

In additions, ‘Revolver Rani’s’ actions have made a big impression on Shiv Sena. Their state president, Ratan Brahmachari announced the party would launch a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which would support those who faced a similar situation to Varsha.

He explained:

“We have named the NGO as ‘Revolver Rani’ and it will be headed by Varsha. It will help girls like her in reuniting with their lovers.”

Varsha and Ashok had been in a relationship for 8 years. However, Ashok had to leave the Indian woman as his parents had arranged for him to marry another woman.

But on the day of the wedding, Varsha turned up with a gun. Reportedly pointing it to his head, she forced him to leave with her and stopped the marriage. Police had later found the duo 48 hours after the incident.

It seems then this marks the end of ‘Revolver Rani’s’ unusual tale.

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Image courtesy of Hindustan Times.

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