Rakul Preet Singh reveals Parents’ Reaction to Condom Tester Role

Rakul Preet Singh is set to play the role of a condom tester in the upcoming film Chhatriwali. She revealed what her parents said.

Rakul Preet Singh reveals Parents' Reaction to Condom Tester Role f

"I run every script by my parents."

Rakul Preet Singh revealed what her parents said about her condom tester role in the film Chhatriwali.

The film, directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar, tells the story of a chemistry graduate who ends up accepting the job of a quality tester for condoms as she needs money.

She also has Doctor G in the pipeline, in which she will play a gynaecologist.

Admitting that she was initially sceptical about the Chhatriwali role, she sought her parents’ opinion who gave her the go-ahead.

Rakul said: “I just told my parents the one-liner and they said okay.”

She went on to say that she always runs scripts by her parents.

“I run every script by my parents. Not like full narration but I give them the gist. If they are okay, I am okay. My confidence stems from them.

“When I am confused, I give my scripts to my dad and tell him to take a read when he has time and what he thinks of it as an audience.”

Talking about Chhatriwali, Rakul stated that the film is still a family movie that portrays the reality of society.

She shot for the film between November and December 2021, adding:

“We are not showing anything sleazy. It is a journey of a small-town girl.”

In relation to Doctor G, Rakul also spoke about the taboo surrounding gynaecology.

She said: “Each one of us is born the way we will show in Doctor G. A gynaecologist is a very important doctor, but the department is looked down upon.

“If someone has to go to gynaec, we say so go with your mother, not father, why?”

“Father was also born the same way. The point is why have we made it a taboo? Don’t be shameless about it, but be aware of it.

“If you don’t educate the younger generation about health and dos and don’t, how can we be equal? Equality does not step in from just education. Wisdom and education are very different things.”

While Chhatriwali‘s release date has not been announced, Doctor G is set to release on June 17, 2022.

Rakul Preet Singh also has a number of other projects in the pipeline.

This includes Thank God, Runway 34 and Attack.

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