Poonam Pandey sizzles in Nasha

New upcoming adult thriller Nasha, releasing on July 26 2013, has got the youth hyped. Starring bold model Poonam Pandey, it is produced by duo Aditya Bhatia and Surrender Suneja.

"[Poonam Pandey] would fit any genre. It’s breathtaking to watch this talent."

Nasha is a sensuous filled thriller movie starring Poonam Pandey. Pandey is an Indian model who has stamped her acting debut on this summer 2013 movie, playing the female lead. It also stars Shivam and Ranbir Chakma.

The film is directed by Amit Saxena, known for his erotic films. He is well-known for directing the film Jism (2003), which starred John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. He once again portrays an adult movie titled Nasha, described as an erotic coming of age thriller.

Model-turned-actress Poonam is known for her raunchy and nude photographs and calenders. Notably she has decided to break out of the modelling industry and make her mark on B-Town.

However, she is adamant that she is not just cut out for the ‘bold’ roles, as she wants to do a lot more: “I really don’t want to run behind trees with superstars,” says Poonam.

Poonam-Pandey-Nasha-bedroom-sceneWhile she bares all for her debut Nasha, she insists: “Honestly speaking, it’s not like I have always wanted to do bold films. I would love to experiment with different types of roles.”

Director Saxena has given his word that Poonam will be able to feature in a range of film genres with her talent. He states:

“She would fit any genre. It’s breathtaking to watch this talent. She is absolutely new, she is doing this for the first time and there is absolutely no inhibition that she has.”

Amit believes Poonam has enormous potential and that she has had moments of comedy and seriousness and so will be able to do complete justice to any genre she chooses.

The launch of the trailer Nasha, created much controversy for Poonam. Reportedly she did not do as well as expected at the event as she was later slammed by her film’s PR agency which upset the makers of Nasha:

poonam-pandeyThe upset came when the media asked her questions about the film and she didn’t give the answers to them as expected, but did show off her looks, even though she was supposedly given a brief before the launch and was told what questions were to be expected.

But Poonam has only love and appreciation for her new film:

“I don’t think there is anything in Nasha for the censor board to object. It’s not a porn film. It’s a beautifully written story, with good performances,” says Poonam.

The film however has successfully been completed and the music has been put together by Siddharth Haldipur and Sangeet Haldipur. It has been stated that the film illustrates the addiction of teenagers.

Nasha is a story of a 25 year old women (played by Poonam) and an 18 year old boy (played by Shivam) who falls in love with her. She is a woman whom he cannot attain, however he also can’t help but yearn for her. As his yearning is not being fulfilled, they swiftly take a turn into obsession.

Although, all forms of obsession are simply experiences which individuals acquire, they also contain lessons that lead to maturity. In handling his unrequited love, the boy matures greatly. Both he and the woman come of age, beyond their sheer years.


This bold controversial film is a tale that picks on universal themes of desire and loss. Nasha is a story that goes beyond time and generations. For the simple reason that we’ve been there, done that, the film goes further in talking about the addictions of the youth. Nasha is a film that many moviegoers will be able to relate to. As Poonam explains:

“It’s an addiction of love… an addiction so strong that when someone craves for someone so much, he doesn’t mind crossing lines. He/she can stoop to any level to get their object of desire. It’s basically ‘pagalpanti’.”

Poonam-PandeyThis film is surely going to grab great reviews this summer and it is all ready to go and hit screens on July 26, 2013. This film is truly gearing towards one that is not to be missed.

The music of the film has almost created as much controversy as the film itself. In particular, the extremely raunchy video to ‘Tera Nasha’.

The creators have released this exclusive uncensored version to be viewed by all. The song is harmonious, romantic and fanatical. Attached with lyrics, this song is without doubt going to turn out a mantra for all the love struck souls out there.

Poonam is extremely excited for her debut in Bollywood, but interestingly, she is not afraid to bare all to her fans and followers:

“My mom is happy about the fact that I’m doing Nasha. However, she does have a problem with my Twitter updates, especially with the pictures that I post.”

Poonam’s first film is set to create some interesting waves across Bollywood. Without a doubt we can expect a lot more from her in the future. Nasha is set for release on July 26, 2013.

Nadeera is a model/dancer hoping to take her talents further in life. She likes to carry her dance talent in charity functions and is passionate about writing and presenting. Her life motto is: "Live life over the top!"

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