How to Plan an Asian Wedding

Wedding planning can be a challenging prospect; the venue, the dress, the food. DESIblitz has a wedding checklist to organise your perfect Asian wedding.

How to plan an Asian Wedding

Allow yourself time off from your wedding diet to try some tasty cakes for your big day.

Planning a wedding can be the most stressful process for any man or woman, and at times you feel nothing more than to pack it all in and have a simple ceremony at the registry office.

DESIblitz has come to the rescue to help you plan your special day with the ultimate Asian wedding checklist to ensure you plan every element in a timely manner.

You’ve been dreaming about your perfect day since you were a child, you know exactly what you’re going to wear, the venue and table arrangement; but now it’s time to actually book it all.

Wedding Planning

12/9 Months Before the Wedding

Start a Wedding Folder

You will quickly find yourself inundated with receipts and confirmations, so it’s important to have a folder where all things wedding related can be kept for easy referral.

Work out a Budget

Weddings can be expensive, so it’s important to decide what is important and where the line is drawn financially. You must decide who will pay for what, to begin with.

Hire a Wedding Planner (optional)

It’s become a popular trend to hire a wedding planner, but research planners early, and if possible use someone who has been recommended to you; you must find someone who will be able to share your vision. 

Start Thinking about a Guest List

Although the wedding seems far away, you cannot book venues and catering until you narrow down numbers. It would also be the time to start thinking about your wedding party.

Choose a Date and Venue

There is no wedding without the date to look forward too! Collectively choose the day suited, and begin researching venues. If you are looking to do a wedding abroad, book straight away to ensure you run into less hassle closer to the time.

Wedding Planning

8 Months Before the Wedding


You will want someone to document your special day, so make sure you meet with photographers and videographers for cost and to determine what package you would like from them (such as a wedding album included, a pre-wedding photo-shoot).

The Wedding Dress

It can take time to find the right colour, shape and fit for a wedding outfit and some people prefer to travel abroad to get classic designs from the homelands, which aren’t easily available in the UK.

If you are travelling abroad to buy clothes, begin to book flights, as you will need 1-2 months for all your outfits to be finished to perfection.

Wedding Planning

6 Months Before the Wedding

Plan a Honeymoon

Amidst the wedding planning is easy to forget that you have to research and book a honeymoon destination!

Wedding Invitations

Begin looking at invitation designs that you like and make sure you finalise your wedding guest list so you know how many invitations to order; but always remember to buy a few extras for those Desi latecomers.


If you’ve got the design for your wedding dress or know exactly what it will look like, you can begin frosting yourself in sparkles to complete your look.

Wedding Planning

5/4 Months Before the Wedding


Allow yourself time off from your wedding diet to try some tasty cakes for your big day. Depending on how lavish you want your cake and how many tiers, it’s always best to get your order in at least 3 months before the wedding.

Wedding Music

A first dance can be the most personal moment of a new couples wedding day, so you have to decide in advance what your first dance song will be (so the groom can take secret dance lessons). Also, begin listening out for the perfect entrance song and booking a DJ if you wish.


The most important accessory of the wedding day! Choose your rings in advance, as you may need to leave them for resizing or engraving.

Wedding Planning

3/2 Months Before the Wedding


Begin having food tastings to confirm the menu.


Make sure table decorations, centrepieces, and any favours have been ordered for the correct amount of tables and people attending. You can now order your bouquet to match the fine details of the theme.


If you are not having a legal officiate at the wedding, make sure you contact a registry office so you can legalise your marriage. Registry offices have waiting lists too, so book a meeting in advance so you can sign the legal documents as close to your religious ceremony as possible.

Send Invitations

This is when things will start to feel real – it’s now time to send out the invitations so people can have all the final details and RSVP. Ask guests to confirm and check numbers, as Asians will be inclined to bring more.

Wedding Planning

1 Month Before

Meet with Suppliers

Whether you have a wedding planner or did it on your own, meet with all your suppliers such as stage decorators, catered and venue to ensure everything will be delivered and prepared on time.

Enjoy your Hen Night

It’s now time for a break to enjoy a wild night planned by your bridesmaids!

Bridal Details

Have your final dress fitting and confirm all hair/make-up for the day. Book an appointment for your manicure and pedicure and henna! But, remember to start pampering yourself before the day arrives.

Plan of the Day

Have a plan of the wedding day in full – and the time guests will arrive, food served, cake cutting, first dance and the end so you can follow a schedule.

The stress of a wedding can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but if you follow the DESIblitz ultimate checklist you are guaranteed the perfectly planned day you’ve always hoped for!

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