Pankaj Tripathi reveals why he Rejects South Indian films

Pankaj Tripathi said that he keeps getting offers for Telugu and Malayalam films but does not take them up.

Pankaj Tripathi reveals why he rejects South Indian films - f

"I need to be more careful about choosing scripts."

Pankaj Tripathi, one of Bollywood’s top actors, is known for seamlessly performing any kind of role.

Over the years, he has created a niche for himself in Bollywood.

From Mimi to Mirzapur, the actor has covered various genres and proved his acting talent every time.

He also played a small part in Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction.

However, Pankaj has not appeared in any South films yet.

In recent times, the South’s film industries are roping in many Bollywood actors to be part of the films.

It was rumoured that Pankaj had had numerous approaches from the South industry, but the actor consistently turned down roles.

The actor recently disclosed the subject.

Pankaj Tripathi revealed during a discussion at the International Film Festival of India in Goa that he had turned down numerous offers from the South.

He said: “While language is not a barrier for me, I prefer Hindi cinema. It’s because I am comfortable with Hindi…”

“Main uss language ko samajhta hoon, uski bhavnaon ko, nuances ko behtar samajhta hoon (I understand the language better, I understand its emotions and nuances better).”

Pankaj said he believes that his familiarity with Hindi will make it difficult for him to perform to the best of his ability.

The Mirzapur actor added: “Forget Hollywood, I get offers from Telugu and Malayalam filmmakers but I feel I won’t be able to do justice to those films because I won’t be able to speak the language.”

The 46-year-old also said: “With popularity, I feel I need to be more careful about choosing scripts.

“I now look for roles and projects that are entertaining, but also have some social message…”

Comparing the OTT streaming space to movie roles, he said: “OTT allows space for writing and character development.

“Playing greys is more challenging… and this has become possible with web series where subplots are developed.”

He advised aspiring actors in the audience and said:

“Through minimum, do maximum and believe in the economy of gestures.”

On the work front, Pankaj Tripathi will be seen in Oh My God 2 along with Akshay Kumar.

He will also star in the online series Gulkanda Tales.

Pankaj also revealed that he would be a part of the upcoming third part of the web series Mirzapur and the popular comedy film Fukrey.

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