Pakistani Cooking Show contestant serves Readymade Biryani

In a bizarre instance, a budding contestant on a Pakistani cooking show presented the judges with biryani she had bought from a restaurant.

Pakistani Cooking Show contestant serves Readymade Biryani f

"What is this? Is this a joke?"

An audition from a Pakistani cooking show is going viral as a budding contestant offered readymade biryani to the judges.

The strange incident took place on The Kitchen Master, which is judged by Samia Jamil, Rabia Anum and Ammara.

The video begins with the woman bringing her dish, leaving the judges excited for biryani.

However, they become confused and ask why the dish has been brought in a styrofoam container and not presented on a plate.

The woman then reveals that she bought the biryani from a restaurant, adding that it is from the “best shop in her area”.

Her response shocked the judges.

However, she tries to justify her bizarre action, saying she was not told that the dish had to be made from scratch.

After being informed about her mistake, the woman is asked to leave.

But she refuses to leave, causing things to become heated.

Judge Rabia stated it was a skilled-based cooking show, judging home cooks.

The woman tells the judges that she painstakingly waited in line to get her order and took the time to bring it to them, continuously asking them to taste the dish.

As the woman continues to refuse to leave, she begins to raise her voice.

Getting increasingly frustrated, Rabia asks:

“What is this? Is this a joke?”

She then asks the woman: “Are you going or should I go?”

When the woman refuses, Rabia walks off the stage while another judge asks how can they judge her cooking skills when she has brought a dish that she has not made.

The video went viral and left many social media users laughing.

While some found it spoof-worthy, many praised the woman’s confidence.

One said: “A spoof on this will make a great ad for Swiggy.”

Another said: “This is amazing. I mean if this isn’t a parody I think someone missed a trick.”

One comment read: “Hilarious, this is entertainment at a different level.”

A user wrote: “We don’t give enough credit to Pakistani humour because it’s straightforward and also off the rails. The realness is key.”

Some believed the matter was actually scripted in a bid to boost television ratings.

One person wrote:

“That’s scripted… just to get viewers’ engagement and traction. So don’t fall for Pakistan’s trap.”

One user pointed out what was wrong with the woman, writing:

“2 important points. 1. I have worked hard to bring it. 2. I can make this.”

Commenting on Pakistan’s economic issues, one person said:

“She can afford to BUY it, is more than enough achievement in Pakistan… Make her win.”

Another asked: “Will they judge which is the best restaurant or which contestant brings the best (food) to the judges?”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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