Pakistani Banker caught Groping Female Employee

A Pakistani banker from Islamabad was caught on camera groping a female employee as he walked back to his desk.

Pakistani Banker caught Groping Female Employee f

He added that "all evidence is with Law Enforcement Agencies"

Police have arrested a Pakistani banker after he was caught on video groping a female employee.

It was reported that the incident happened at a Faysal Bank branch in Islamabad.

The culprit was identified as Usman Gohar, a man in his mid-30s and reportedly the manager. However, the bank said he was merely an employee.

He was seen on video leaving his desk and walking to the opposite desk to speak to a co-worker. Meanwhile, the victim stood by his desk.

As Gohar returned to his desk, he groped the woman on her bottom before sitting down as if nothing happened.

The video went viral and infuriated social media users who started reaching out to Faysal Bank and law enforcement agencies with complaints.

This led to Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Muhammed Hamza Shafqaat to register a case and say that they were “already on it”.

He added that “all evidence is with Law Enforcement Agencies and forensics are being examined”.

As the video continued to circulate, Gohar apparently took notice and fled. He switched his phone off and tried to hide from the police.

Meanwhile, multiple raids were conducted in a bid to arrest him.

DC Shafqaat added: “Police raided his house.

“The culprit has turned his cell off and is hiding for the last three hours. One special team is searching for him.”

The Pakistani banker was later arrested and it was confirmed by Deputy Inspector-General (DIG) Operations Islamabad Waqaruddin Syed on Twitter.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari was informed of the news and praised the authorities for their “quick action”.

She shared a picture of Gohar with his face blurred and alongside a police officer shortly after his arrest.

Following his arrest, the bank stated that he was dismissed immediately. Faysal Bank issued a statement, saying that Gohar “has been terminated effective immediately”.

The statement read: “Faysal Bank strongly condemns such individual act of unprofessional behaviour and workplace harassment by an employee, which is contrary to the strong value system, ethical standards and professional work environment being maintained by the Bank for all its employees.

DC Shafqaat stated that as per the regulations of the State Bank of Pakistan, Gohar “cannot be hired by any other bank”.

Although Gohar was arrested, DIG Syed pointed out that further legal action was being taken against the perpetrator.

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