Nora Fatehi sues Jacqueline Fernandez for Defamation

Nora Fatehi has filed a defamation case against Jacqueline Fernandez in connection with the Rs. 200 crore extortion case.

Nora Fatehi sues Jacqueline Fernandez for Defamation f

"have started to try and tarnish her reputation"

Nora Fatehi has filed a lawsuit against Jacqueline Fernandez, accusing the actress of making defamatory statements to destroy her career.

She has also filed a case against 15 media outlets for “carrying forward and circulating” Jacqueline’s remarks.

Nora also claimed that Jacqueline and the media outlets “were acting in connivance with each other”.

The lawsuit was in connection to the Rs. 200 Crore extortion case in which Sukesh Chandrasekhar is the main accused.

Both Nora and Jacqueline were questioned over the matter.

Nora Fatehi has now filed a lawsuit against Jacqueline, who is named ‘Accused No. 1’.

She said in her petition: “A conspiracy by the Accused No. 1 to ensure the financial, social, and personal downfall of the Complainant was hatched, and enacted by the said action.

“Her rapidly progressing career quite obviously has threatened her rivals who are unable to compete with her on a fair footing.

“It has started to become evident that the aforementioned rivals being unable to compete with the Complainant fairly in the industry have started to try and tarnish her reputation which would cause her loss of work and hence would open up greener pastures for her rivals in the industry.

“That the Complainant is aggrieved of defamatory remarks made by the accused persons against the Complainant, hence the present complaint.

“It should be reiterated that these defamatory remarks were made by the Accused No. 1 initially which was further carried forward and circulated by the other accused persons, all of whom were acting io connivance with each other and a conspiracy by the Accused No. l to ensure the financial, social, and personal downfall of the Complainant was batched, and enacted by the said actions.”

Nora’s plea stated that Jacqueline’s statements were made to malign her reputation.

The plea added: “It is pertinent to mention herein that both the Complainant and the accused are actresses of foreign origin and both have had their share of struggles in rising to fame in the Indian film industry, hence, it is evident that the act of the accused in dragging the name of the Complainant wherein she has no business mentioning the Complainant is mala fide in nature.”

It was reported that both Jacqueline and Nora had received gifts from Chandrasekhar.

While Nora was named a witness, Jacqueline was named as an accused after loved-up pictures of her with Chandrasekhar circulated.

According to the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Chandrasekhar and Jacqueline met on October 20, 2021. He also arranged private jet trips and hotel stays for her.

Meanwhile, Nora told the ED that she was booked for a charity event and during it, she was gifted a Gucci bag and an iPhone by Chandrasekhar’s wife Leena Marie Paul.

Nora also revealed that Leena and her husband called her to thank her.

They then said they would gift her a BMW as a token of appreciation.

Meanwhile, a Delhi court adjourned the hearing in the money laundering case against the two Bollywood stars.

Special judge Shailendra Malik deferred the matter for December 20, 2022, after being told by Jacqueline’s counsel that she has not received copies of the charge sheet.

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