Mother & Baby ‘Lucky’ to survive Group B Strep Infection

A Leicester mother and her baby said they were “lucky” to survive after she fell seriously ill from the group B strep infection.

Mother & Baby 'Lucky' to survive Group B Strep Infection f

"After Uma was born she was very poorly"

A woman who said she nearly died giving birth has urged the NHS to carry out more testing for the Group B Strep (GBS) bug.

Preya fell seriously ill from the bacterial infection just days before her daughter Uma was born.

She said a simple test could have identified the infection and helped her avoid a traumatic labour which also nearly claimed the life of her child.

Preya said she and Uma were both lucky to survive the emergency Caesarean section birth at the Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2021.

According to NHS guidance, GBS was common in pregnant women and rarely caused any problems.

It can be passed onto babies during labour, however it is not routinely tested for.

Preya is now preparing to run the London Marathon on April 21, 2024, to raise awareness of the infection and money for the Group B Strep Support charity.

She said: “We both nearly died due to group B strep.

“My water’s broke at about 34 weeks and after about a day I began to feel so ill. I had a high fever and I was in and out of consciousness – the signs of maternal sepsis caused by group B strep.

“I don’t remember too much about it but I was rushed into theatre.

“After Uma was born she was very poorly and had to be taken into ICU for resuscitation.

“It was a really scary time and there is no doubt the wonderful hospital staff saved our lives.

“Uma is now a happy, healthy and thriving little girl but I know how close it was for both of us at the time.”

She has been researching group B strep because she did not want other families to face the trauma her family did.

Preya continued:

“I found out there was a simple and cheap swab test and I want that to be part of standard care.”

“You can also get it done privately.

“A study has showed black and Asian face a higher rate of group B strep so it’s important they get tested.

“We are losing too many babies to group B strep and it’s something that is mostly treatable and preventable.”

Preya has already passed her £2,500 fundraising target, adding:

“I’m really looking forward to the marathon. I’m really grateful I’m still here to do it and Uma is really excited about it.”

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