Men’s Guide to Lingerie Gifts

Lingerie may be an obvious gift for your special woman, but isn’t it far more personal than flowers or chocolates? Besides, frugally speaking, lingerie does last an awful lot longer, just a thought!

Lingerie Gifts

With a good quality lingerie present and a bit of gift-wrap, you’ll be scoring major boyfriend points.

When it comes to gift giving, women can be notoriously difficult to please, and for most blokes, finding the perfect present is more of a chore than a pleasure.

But you really cannot go wrong with some stunning lingerie. It will make your special woman look and feel incredibly sexy, and most likely you will be hanging off her every word each time she puts it on. It’s a win-win!

If your partner’s wardrobe is already packed with underwear sets, don’t sack the idea of the perfect lingerie gift just yet.

Lingerie extends far beyond the standard bra and ‘3-for-£10? knickers. Allow us to open your eyes to a world of slips, camisoles and other lingerie lingo you’ve never heard of.

But where to start? DESIblitz presents the Man’s Guide to Lingerie Buying. Fellas, take note!

The Traditional Route

Lingerie Gifts

There is something about a matching lingerie set that makes women’s hearts pound out of their eyes. Whilst this idea ticks out one possible box off your lingerie specifications, there is a minefield of possible brands to look into.

The thing about lingerie is that, us ladies have to wear it all day. Good quality is a must, but that doesn’t necessarily mean budget-breaking prices. Believe it or not, Marks and Spencer’s is your high-street go to.

In 2014, English model and actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley started designing her own lingerie range for the department store. Google her and you will understand why it’s a bestselling range. We may not have her flawless genes, but a lingerie set designed by her, is more than ‘good enough’.

With a model’s touch, a good quality lingerie present and a bit of gift-wrap, you will be scoring major boyfriend points. If you are unsure of which colours to choose from, the cream and black lace set finds the balance between simplicity and feminine detailing. M&S have their balcony bra for £32.00 and Brazilian Knickers for £12.50.

If you are feeling really generous, Myla is your store. Once again, if choosing colours overwhelms you, the Nicole range makes your life easier. Providing four neutral colour sets, the all-lace detailing is a classic, feminine winner.

For those keeping to the classic red look, try the Boux Avenue ‘Ebony Bow’ collection in red and black lace. With a plunge bra (£28.00), thong (£14.00), and suspender belt (£20.00), it is a complete fantasy-pleasing package.

The Underwear that Looks like Everyday Clothing

Lingerie Gifts

Let us confuse you a little more, we have underwear that looks normal clothing, called slips. (Are you taking notes? Good.)

They tuck in beautifully under clothing and provide some variation to the same-old bra and knicker combination.

In case that took your fancy, look no further than ASOS. They currently stock this lace slip skirt at £16 (and it also has a matching bralet!)

The Lingerie Nightwear Hybrid

Lingerie Gifts

Whilst a pair of warm PJs is must-have comfort clothing, sometimes womenfolk prefer prettier nightwear.

The ASOS Chiffon Eyelash Trim Teddy in Pink is an all-in-one teddy that combines ease, chiffon, and feminine elegance at high street prices.

Something for the Suitcase

Lingerie Gifts

You might have gone all out, planned a getaway and have come up a list of hotels, restaurants, places to see but don’t you ignore your partner’s nastiest holiday nightmare!

Packing is a chore for most women, so why not ease her worry off? If you’ve decided to buy your partner a new lingerie set but still wish to add a little extra?

Agent Provocateur have got both situations covered with their lingerie travel accessories. You can buy the eye mask for £45, small lingerie bag at £35 and large lingerie bag at £65.

So there you have it! A few tips to guide you to the perfect lingerie for your special someone. Be sure to peek into your partner’s wardrobe to get an idea of her size… or simply get a gift receipt. (Do both, just in case!)

Any of the above will easily bring a lovely smile to your partner’s face. If that’s not an incentive to buy the perfect gift, we don’t know what is!

Lauren is an English Literature graduate, as well as a fashion enthusiast and blogger. Consequently, she is either always reading, or browsing online at clothes that she cannot afford! Her motto: “Nothing will work unless you do” (Maya Angelou).