Manish Malhotra’s Nooraniyat to appear in Vogue

Designer Manish Malhotra’s bridal collection, named Nooraniyat, is set to appear in the 2021 Vogue Wedding Show.

Manish Malhotra's Nooraniyat to appear in Vogue-f

"it will be accessible to everyone around the world."

Manish Malhotra is one of India’s best-known designers and is a celebrity favourite.

In March 2021, he launched his new wedding collection, called Nooraniyat.

He is now looking forward to showcasing his latest designs in Vogue Wedding Show (VWS) 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the fashion show will be digital.

Manish Malhotra will be showcasing the collection along with two more of his collections, Taban and Ruhaaniyat.


Manish Malhotra's Nooraniyat to appear in Vogue

Manish Malhotra introduced the collection in a video that featured Sara Ali Khan.

Talking about his latest bridal collection to Indian Express, Manish Malhotra said:

“Nooraniyat is a collection I have thoroughly enjoyed creating.

“It has a range that is expansive with kalidars, lehengas, gowns, jackets, shararas, kurtas, palazzos, dupattas, and signature blouses that fit diverse palettes and occasions.”

On the chosen colours, he added:

“The collection is in sorbet and blush shades of bright pink, lilac, grey-blue, beige-gold, powder blue, metallic gold-silver among many others.

“It has deftly embroidered pieces to two-toned colour-blocked silhouettes that journey from classic aesthetics to a more dynamic new-age look of the contemporary times.”

Manish Malhotra went on to describe his experience of collaborating with Vogue.

“I have been with the Vogue Wedding Show since its inception. It’s been a beautiful association always.

“This year VWS has gone digital, which is exciting.”

Highlighting the positives of going digital, Manish said:

“Earlier, when the VWS would take place physically, while many people visited us many others couldn’t make it for various reasons.

“Now with the VWS going online, it will be accessible to everyone around the world.

“How great is that! Anyone will be able to view the latest collection, connect with the designers and even choose the whole look from head to toe from the comfort of their homes.”

Pandemic and Fashion

The designer also talked about how the fashion industry is adapting to the pandemic. He said:

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions. I have always believed that change is the only constant.

“The pandemic required us to change the way we operated. I, for one, love the new digital trend.”

Comparing the digital trend with his pre-pandemic experiences, Manish Malhotra said:

“When I started doing fashion shows, only a limited number of people attended.

“The photos would release a day or two later and then we would wait to see the reaction of our clients.

“But today, everything is instant. A digital live fashion show is viewed by millions sitting anywhere in the world.

“The reactions are immediate through comments and likes.

“A lot of clients like to do online consultations now.

“I am doing so many of those and it’s brilliant because, thanks to the world of technology, we are all connected all the time.

“Moreover, I have started to make fashion couture films which is a whole new take on fashion shows.”

“I have thoroughly loved the process of directing these films as much as I have loved creating and designing the new collections.”

Discussing the impact of the pandemic on the wedding culture, Manish elaborated:

“The number of events has surely gone down, but even with a limited number of events, the atmosphere and the ambience still remains special.”

Sustainable Fashion

Manish Malhotra's Nooraniyat to appear in Vogue-bride

Manish Malhotra said that his label is considerate towards its social responsibility. He explained:

“I think sustainability is one of the most important factors coming in.

“As a label, and as a first-tier designer today, I think it is very important for me to consider factors like technology, sustainability, and empowerment.

“For enterprises that are so trusted, or for any company, it is important to move with these values.

“We are working on imbibing all of them in our journey.

“We work with an NGO for empowerment and are very particular about electricity and water.”

The Vogue Wedding Show 2021 will run until June 30, 2021.

It will showcase bridal lehenga, jewellery, and wedding services including décor and hotels.

Manish Malhotra’s collections Taban, Ruhaaniyat and Nooraniyat will be on show for everyone.

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