Indian Man wants Divorce from Social Media addicted Wife

An Indian man is seeking a divorce from his social media-addicted wife, claiming they still have not consummated their year-old marriage.

Social Media Addicted Wife

"Spending time on social media and ignoring household responsibilities as a wife had become her habit"

A man in India has filed for a divorce in a highly unusual and unique court case after claiming that his wife is addicted to social media.

Narendra Singh, the man filing for divorce, claims his wife is hooked on the virtual world.

The petitioner, who is a software professional and a resident of Delhi, wished to separate on the grounds that his wife had neglected him and their family in favour of the online world.

Singh added that his wife was so involved in the virtual world, that despite being married for a year, the couple had still not consummated their marriage.

According to the Indian tabloid Mail Today, Singh made claims that his wife’s late-night chats with male friends on the messaging app, WhatsApp, had disturbed him at night.

He alleges that when he confronted her to stop the messaging, she became enraged and threatened him with serious consequences.

As a result, the 30-year-old has now filed a divorce plea. Within this plea, there are allegations about his wife’s overuse of social media as well as having online affairs with men.

In addition to this, Singh also claimed that his wife was controlling with money, having stopped him from spending money on his other family members.

Speaking to the Mail Today, Manish Bhadauria who appeared for Singh as his counsel in the court said that the court has referred the couple to a mutual counselling session.

The session will take place in July 2018 and will determine whether the tension between them can be resolved:

“Being well-educated, the husband gave the wife ample time to adjust into the new atmosphere of the matrimonial home, but spending time on social media and ignoring household responsibilities as a wife had become her habit.”

Whilst this case may seem unusual, Delhi based counsellor, Pooja Mehta explains to Story Pick that this kind of matrimonial dispute is becoming more common in India. She said:

“Earlier the reason of matrimonial disputes was dowry, family arguments and property-related matters. There was hardly any mention of social media as the reason for conflict or divorce.”

She cited unrealistic expectations as one of the main reasons for divorce. She added:

“When couples spend more time on social media, communication gap becomes quite natural. Social media also make couples have unrealistic expectations from each other and when the spouse fails to meet them, they think of it as a compatibility issue.”

Whilst we still often associate addictions with substances such as drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, social media has become one of the biggest sources of addiction in recent years.

Although it may not be as visibly damaging as the world of tangible drugs and alcohol which have physical indications, it can still have a detrimental effect on emotional well-being.

Perhaps this case just serves to emphasise the importance of drawing a line between what is real and what is not.

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