Malaika Arora questions Son on ‘Body Count’

On Arhaan Khan’s podcast ‘Dumb Biryani’, Malaika Arora bluntly asked her son about his body count and when he lost his virginity.

Malaika Arora questions Son on 'Body Count' f

"just bloody give me an answer. I just need a number."

Malaika Arora got blunt with her son Arhaan Khan as she questioned him about his sexual history.

Malaika was a guest on Arhaan’s new podcast Dumb Biryani and the conversation quickly delved into sex, marriage and relationships.

In a game called ‘truth or spice’, Malaika asked her son:

“What is your body count?”

Arhaan was hesitant to answer, prompting Malaika to demand:

“Give me an honest answer, just bloody give me an answer. I just need a number.”

Arhaan ultimately refused to answer the question and took a shot of chilli sauce.

Malaika also bluntly asked:

“When did you lose your virginity?”

Arhaan gave the one-word response: “Wow.”

Arhaan also turned the tables on his mother, asking her:

“Show me your hand, mother. When are you getting married is my next question?”

Malaika refused to answer and claimed she had no idea about them.

Her explicit questions divided opinions on social media.

Many slammed Malaika for asking such questions to her son, accusing her of vulgarity.

One said: “Asking a son about when he lost his virginity is the most disgusting thing a parent can say.”

Another commented: “India is progressing towards vulgarity and ruining our beautiful Indian culture.”

A third added: “What a great question to a youth, shows your class of living.”

Meanwhile, others did not see the problem with her questions.


Arhaan also asked his mother about the traits he inherited from his father Arbaaz Khan.

Malaika Arora revealed: “Your mannerisms are just like him. It’s shocking how similar you two are.

“They are not very attractive mannerisms, but they are just like your dad.”

“You are very…your dad has the same trait, which is, he is a very fair and just person in the sense that he never goes overboard about things, he is very clear about certain things, and that trait you have.”

She admitted that she does not like how Arhaan is just as indecisive as his father.

Malaika continued: “At the same time, you can also be extremely indecisive, just like him, which is my least favourite.

“You can’t decide the colour of your shirt, what you want to eat, what time you want to wake up.”

Arhaan countered his mother:

“But, I have such a good routine.”

Taking credit for it, Malaika said: “You do, of course, because you got that from me.”

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