Malaika Arora gets annoyed at Fans wanting Selfies

As she left the airport, Malaika Arora appeared annoyed as some fans got too close to her as they rushed to get a picture with her.

Malaika Arora gets annoyed at Fans wanting Selfies f

“People have gone mad or what?"

Malaika Arora looked annoyed as fans rushed to get a picture with her.

Malaika was leaving the airport and she looked chic in a black crop top and blue jeans paired with a black leather jacket and oversized sunglasses.

But as she made her way to her car, eager fans wanted selfies with her.

Malaika was initially happy to take pictures with her fans but as more approached her, some got too close for her liking.

In one clip, she was seen being surrounded by a group of male fans.

Looking visibly irritated, Malaika told one man: “Aaram se.”

She then walked at a fast pace towards her vehicle.

Malaika also put her hand up, gesturing at them to calm down.

In another instance, Malaika seemed happy to take a picture with a female fan. But when the woman inched further towards her, Malaika’s mood changed.

She gave the woman a stern look while the fan awkwardly smiled back.

Malaika then walked off.

The video went viral and Malaika’s demeanour divided social media users.

Some believed Malaika’s unhappiness was justified, stating that the fans were breaching her personal space.

One said: “It’s annoying when someone intervenes in your personal space.”

Another commented: “I just wanna know what could happen or change in your life when you keep following them and begging them for a selfie?”

One wrote: “People have gone mad or what? Have some decency.”

Specifically mentioning the moment Malaika was surrounded by the group, a concerned netizen said:

“Four men surrounding her… Too close. I would be scared if I was her.”

However, some called out Malaika for her behaviour, claiming that she was being disrespectful towards her fans.

One user said: “They treat the public like untouchables.”

One asked: “Why go to such people who don’t have the value of fans.”

Another said: “Why when they don’t even respect you.”

Criticising Malaika, one person said:

“She is too rude towards that girl. I don’t understand why people ask for a selfie, will they get anything from that selfie.”

Prior to the selfie incidents, Malaika Arora was also subjected to trolling after she exited Mumbai Airport from the wrong gate.

The paparazzi informed her that she was coming out of the wrong gate and gave her directions to get to the main exit gate of the airport.

Malaika was baffled by the mishap and eventually made her way to the correct gate.

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