How to Make the Perfect Roti using YouTube

To make the perfect roti, it’s better to observe. Take a look at these YouTube videos and you’ll be whipping up flawlessly round rotis in no time at all.

How to Make the Perfect Roti using YouTube

It’s harder than it looks to get that round and perfect roti

Roti is a challenging staple food to get right if you are not sure what you’re doing.

While they’re easy enough to make, it’s harder than it looks to get that round and perfect roti or chapati like the ones you can buy from the shops or see your mum make with absolute ease.

To learn how to make a completely round roti, it’s best to learn by observation. For something that requires technique like shaping the perfect roti, it can be easier to watch rather than read.

To make things easier for you, DESIblitz has found a few of the best YouTube tutorials to help you get that perfect roti.

Make a Soft Chapati with Guru’s Cooking


Guru’s cooking offers an easy to follow tutorial on how to make the perfect atta dough and round roti.

He even shows you how to heat the roti straight on a gas flame which will allow the air to get inside and let it puff up perfectly.

While he does add salt and oil during the mixing process, this is completely optional, and you can opt for the simple method of just flour and water.

Traditional Roti by Food with Chetna


As a contestant of The Great British Bake Off in 2014, Chetna certainly knows how to cook good food.

In this video, she demonstrates just how easy it can be to make the perfect roti. This three-minute video is well explained and simple, with no extra steps or fussing to waste any time.

Chetna’s smooth rolling of the dough for the chapati looks so effortless. It’s no wonder her video on the perfect chapati is an ideal pick.

Shape a Round Roti with Meenu’s Menu


Meenu’s Hindi-spoken video teaches you how to perfect the roundness of your roti.

She recommends you to lightly roll the roti, and let it move in a circular motion on the wooden board. This ensures that the thickness of the chapati remains the same while also retaining the perfect shape.

Meenu then explains how to pick out colour changes when the roti is on the girdle so you know exactly when to flip it.

Roll Roti by Cook with a Little Indian


This sweet and funny video featuring mother and daughter is a wonderful watch even if you’re not after the chapati recipe: “Roll a bad one and you will die alone.”

The video is ideal because it demonstrates the exact rolling technique you need to learn to create the perfect chapati.

As it’s shot with plenty of close-ups, this YouTube tutorial is another one that’s easy to follow. With precise steps for the rolling and cooking of the dough, making the perfect roti will be simple.

Perfect Rotis with Bhavna’s Kitchen


Bhavna’s Kitchen presents a short and sweet video to get you making the perfect roti in no time.

This video tutorial is well shot with simple steps, so it’s easy to follow and easy to see what the presenter is doing.

Take just over three minutes of your day to watch this video and you’ll quickly have the technique down for the perfect chapati.

Classic Rotis with Elephant Atta


As one of the most popular brands of flour for making flatbreads, you know Elephant Atta are going to be an authority on how to do it right.

This video is short at just under six minutes, so you won’t waste any time in learning this quick technique.

With clear explanations and no steps missing, Elephant Atta’s video should have you making the perfect roti in no time. We’d recommend using a metal tong to flip the rotis, as opposed to using your hands, though!

In less than 30 minutes you can watch all four videos and master the humble roti. With a few ingredients and some skilled rolling, you can be making flawless rotis that will wow any dinner guest.

Give these recipes a go and improve your culinary skills in hardly any time at all. The ideal accompaniment to any chutney or curry, a roti will make any meal feel complete.

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