Kulhad Pizza’s Sehaj Arora commits suicide over Video Leak Scandal?

Media reports are circulating that Kulhad Pizza’s Sehaj Arora took his own life after the leak of an explicit video went viral.

Kulhad Pizza's Sehaj Arora commits suicide over Video Leak Scandal f

“You may have come across a video of us."

Reports have circulated that Sehaj Arora, one half of Punjab’s Kulhad Pizza Couple, took his own life as a result of an explicit video leak.

He and his wife Gurpreet Kaur became embroiled in controversy after a sextape, purportedly of them, went viral.

The scandalous video came to light just days after the couple announced that they had become parents.

Sehaj broke his silence on the matter, claiming that the video was “morphed” and was used as part of an extortion plot.

In a video, Sehaj said in Punjabi:

“You may have come across a video of us. It is completely fake.

“The reason behind its circulation is that 15 days ago, we got a message on Instagram about an extortion bid along with the video.

“The miscreant claimed they would make a video viral if the demand was not met.

“But we did not give in to the demand and reported the incident to the police.”

Appealing to the public to respect the couple’s privacy, Sehaj added:

“In the meantime, the video was made viral. It’s fake and probably been made using artificial intelligence.”

In another video, a visibly distressed Sehaj made another appeal urging people to stop circulating the clip.

Narrating how the incident unfolded, he said: “A home where there should be celebrations, is now engulfed in distress and sorrow.”

Sehaj Arora later shared that the woman who blackmailed them over the viral clip was arrested by the police.

He also accused a YouTuber named Karan Dutta of spreading the fake video and highlighted the impact of it on him and his family.

However, Karan Dutta responded to the allegations in several videos on his YouTube channel and denied any wrongdoing while questioning Sehaj Arora’s claims.

YouTube videos are now circulating that Sehaj has passed away, claiming that he took his own life due to the scandal.

But the news turned out to be false.

The couple took to their Facebook page to urge people not to buy into the narrative being shared by the reports.

Their video highlighted the vast scale of YouTube videos falsely claiming Sehaj had committed suicide.

The caption revealed that he and Gurpreet were receiving calls about the former’s alleged death which was very disconcerting.

It read: “Fake news.

“Media is requested not to edit old interviews and run them. Dear public, don’t trust any kind of interview.”

The couple, from Punjab’s Jalandhar, rose to fame in 2022 after a video of them selling pizzas went viral on social media.

Since then, the couple has enjoyed a loyal social media following, with Sehaj amassing over 900,000 followers and Gurpreet boasting around 500,000 followers on their respective Instagram accounts.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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