Kubbra Sait recalls Bullying she faced at School

Ahead of her book release, Kubbra Sait opened up about the bullying she experienced while she was at school.

Kubbra Sait recalls Bullying she faced at School f

"I didn’t embrace my name for the longest time."

Kubbra Sait spoke about the bullying she faced at school and how she depicted her experience in her new book.

The actress has written her debut book, titled Open Book, and it is set to release on June 27, 2022.

While talking about the book, Kubbra recalled being bullied at the school and the names people used to call her.

She explained: “My name’s Kubbra, I was called Cobra.

“My hair was curly, I was called Medusa.

“I have never allowed anyone to body-shame me but I was bullied in school because of the colour of my eyes.

“Today I will not meet someone on a second date if they haven’t already complimented my eyes on the first date.

“But the same eyes changed me. I didn’t embrace my name for the longest time. I would have changed it long back if I had a choice.

“Only when I looked into the meaning of the name (Kubbra means ‘the great one’) did I understand the energy that my name was giving me. How can I not make my life worthwhile?”

Kubbra went on to say that used to change certain characteristics in order to be seen.

“I used to have a fake laugh to be seen and heard.

“I would be the last one to laugh in a room so that people would notice me and someone pointed that out to me.

“We don’t realise how much our past memories affect us. I didn’t want these stories to be buried inside.

“I went through highs and lows and wrote it in a non-linear way so that anyone can read it from anywhere.”

In the book, Kubbra Sait also revealed that she was sexually abused.

On how she coped after the incident, she said:

“I don’t think I had the time to cope. I was too rattled, I was too scared, I was too shaken up by the incident and I don’t think anyone believed me.”

Kubbra explained that she looked for a way to escape and her “tunnel” was Dubai.

“That’s the reason why I left Bangalore or Bengaluru as we know it now. So, at that point, I didn’t cope with it, I escaped it and it stayed inside me for a very long time before I knew I was ready to overcome it and start the healing process.

“It stayed there for a very long time and when it is in your heart, it shows on your face too.”

“I think I looked much older back in the day than I do today.

“Carrying a scar or a wound from your childhood or from something that you have gone through in the past physically manifests itself and I can tell you that for sure.

“Healing is a lot of power and it is important.”

The book is expected to contain 24 chapters, each about a particular aspect of her life.

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