Krishna Shroff says Star Kids get ‘Everything on a Silver Platter’

Krishna Shroff has weighed in on Bollywood’s nepotism debate and stated that star kids have “everything on a silver platter”.

Krishna Shroff says Star Kids have 'Everything on a Silver Platter' f

"There are so many expectations"

Krishna Shroff gave her opinion on the nepotism debate and stated that star kids “have everything on a silver platter”.

While her brother Tiger and father Jackie are established actors, Krishna has no intention of getting into acting.

Despite her admission, Krishna believes that star kids being expected to live up to their parents’ legacy is “unfair”.

She explained: “People talk about nepotism and how star kids have everything on a silver platter.

“We do, I agree. But once you get it, it is hard to keep it.

“There are so many expectations (from star kids).

“People expect you to be great because of the legacy your parents had before you, which is unfair.”

Krishna went on to say many star kids create their own identity through hard work.

She continued: “I don’t blame people for thinking that we have it easy, but they need to understand that while we get opportunities, it takes a lot of hard work to create our own identity and steer away from the massive legacy of our parents.”

Krishna previously spoke about Tiger’s close bond with Disha Patani.

The pair are rumoured to be in a relationship, however, they have never confirmed or denied it.

Speaking of her brother’s bond with Disha, Krishna Shroff said that there is never a dull moment with the pair.

She also said that the three of them always have fun together.

She said: “Every time we hang out, it is always jokes and laughs. There’s never a serious moment and a dull moment.

“I think it is cool, I am happy to see my brother who has someone –  a friend, best friend or a close friend or whatever they wanna call their relationship.

“It is cool to see him happy, to see him be able to be himself around someone.

“Because in his industry that’s very rare, to be able to have (someone) outside your family.”

“And I think as long as he is happy and she is happy – they are always laughing. We all have a great time together.

“I mean, it’s great. I want to see my brother happy at the end of the day. As long as he is happy, I am happy.”

On the work front, Krishna has ruled out a Bollywood career, but she made her music video debut in ‘Kinni Kinni Vaari’.

She and Tiger also opened an MMA gym in Mumbai called MMA Matrix.

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