Journalist Neha Dixit gets Flak from Women for Karwa Chauth Tweet

Female Indian journalist Neha Dixit has been trolled by other Indian women on Twitter opposing her views on Karwa Chauth.

Journalist Neha Dixit gets Flak from Women for Karwa Chauth Twee

"If you can’t find a man worth fasting for - not our problem"

Indian female journalist Neha Dixit has been pulled up by other Indian women for a social media post she published on Twitter relating to the tradition of Karwa Chauth.

The long-aged tradition of Karwa Chauth, where wives wish well for their husbands, is signified by the fourth day after the full moon, during the month of Ashwin, in the Hindu calendar.

To celebrate this occasion, married women observe a fast for their husbands wishing them good health and prosperity. In 2022, this day was celebrated on Thursday, October 13.

The core relevance and values of Karwa Chauth for women were literally attacked by Neha in her tweet, especially, when it comes to fasting for husbands.

She posted the tweet targeting north Indian women, where the tradition is popular, saying:


Dear North Indian sisters,

No man is worth staying hungry for.

No one can have a longer life because you remain hungry for a day.

Nothing good has ever come out by staying hungry. You will only be hangry.”

Possibly expecting women to see her ‘modern’ viewpoint and agree with her, but what evidently happened was the opposite took place.

Replies to her tweet were flooded by women calling her out for criticising Karwa Chauth and their choice to celebrate it.

Many wives were outraged by what she was telling them to do in her tweet and the term ‘Dear Neha’ trended on Twitter. Here are some of the replies she received.

“Dear Neha,
Men aren’t just husbands. They are pillars of support. They earn, they get food, they protect, they secure future for the children. Wives fasting to protect him are indirectly fasting for their family’s entire well being. Everything is worth it”

“Dear Neha,
Sad to hear that your husband is not worthy enough to celebrate Karwa Chauth. Wish you had a better husband but can’t really help it, no man deserves a woman like you. So kinda feel bad for your husband here.”

“Dear Neha sister If you can’t find a man worth fasting for – not our problem. We decide when & if we fast – not you.

Go give your health tips to those who fast for 30 days & eat beef Biriyani at night. Nothing good ever came out of hangry cowards pretending to be journalists.”

“Dear Neha your qualifications and achievements in life are no worth to give advice to all North Indians. There are much more qualified and successful ladies in life those are following Indian traditions. You better keep your mouth shut”

“Dear NEHA DIXIT No one here want you rubbish advise. Apna Gyan apne tk rakhe???? humein iski jarurat nii hai infact . Just mind ur own business.”

“Dear Neha,
You have all the rights to do whatever you like in your personal life but please don’t give Gyan to others.

“We know our husbands much better than you.”

We also know how to get things done from them. Please eat something and enjoy the night with a MAN. Good Night!!”

“Dear Neha
Limit ur advice to ur family & tell your mom that Your father is not worth staying hungry for He will not have a longer life because ur mom remains hungry for a day. Other North Indian sisters will decide for themselves We know wr ur loyalty lies”

“Dear Woke Indian Sisters, Stop preaching other women what to do & what not to do on Hindu Festivals. Nothing good has ever come out of it nothing ever will. Keep your forever triggered souls to yourself please and chant “choice” again before making such tweets #KarwaChauth”

The mood of the response from lots more Indian women indicated that it was none of Neha Dixit’s business as to why or how they celebrate Karwa Chauth.

Many Indian men plunged into the conversation with similar responses as well.

Neha has come especially under fire for this tweet after in the past she criticised Indian society and “teachers removing hijabs” in February 2022:

Therefore, being interpreted as a supporter of the hijab.

It is clear from the reaction on Twitter from Indian wives to Neha’s tweet that celebrating is their personal choice and many are totally happy with well-wishing their husbands.

Many Bollywood women stars including Katrina Kaif, Shilpa Shetty and Mouni Roy have posted photos on their social media handles of them celebrating Karva Chauth.

Hence, making it a firmly-rooted tradition in India that flourishes each year it comes round.

Nazhat is an ambitious 'Desi' woman with interests in news and lifestyle. As a writer with a determined journalistic flair, she firmly believes in the motto "an investment in knowledge pays the best interest," by Benjamin Franklin.

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