Javed Akhtar files Defamation Case against Kangana Ranaut

Lyricist Javed Akhtar has taken legal action against actress Kangana Ranaut over comments which allegedly tarnished his reputation.

Javed Akhtar files Defamation Case against Kangana Ranaut f

This caused damage to the reputation of Javed Akhtar

Renowned Bollywood lyricist, Javed Akhtar, has filed a defamation case against actress Kangana Ranaut for hurting his reputation with “baseless rumours.”

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Javed Akhtar filed a criminal complaint before the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate, Mumbai.

He is seeking action against Kangana Ranaut under the related provisions of the IPC for defamation.

Recently, Kangana made defamatory comments against Javed Akhtar in a television interview.

As per the complaint, the remarks levelled against the lyricist were “baseless rumours.”

This caused damage to the reputation of Javed Akhtar as the actress’ interview was viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Not only that, but Kangana Ranaut also dragged the poet-lyricist’s name while mentioning a “coterie” existing in Bollywood.

The actress’ comments were made following the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput in June 2020.

Kangana Ranaut further added that Javed Akhtar had threatened her to not speak out about her reported relationship with Hrithik Roshan and to apologise to the actor.

Kangana and Hrithik were reportedly in a romantic relationship, however, things turned sour.

According to an interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana said she was invited to Akhtar’s house. He allegedly said:

“If you don’t apologise to them, you will have nowhere to go. They will put you in jail and eventually, the one path would be that of destruction … you will commit suicide.”

She added:

“These were his words. Why did he think if I don’t apologise to Hrithik Roshan, I would have to commit suicide? He shouted and yelled at me. I was shaking in his house.”

The complaint highlighted that these statements made by the actress tarnished the lyricist’s reputation.

Now, Kangana Ranaut has reacted to Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut’s tweet about the lyricist filing a defamation case against her. She wrote:

“There was a lioness … and a flock of wolves.”

Previously, Javed Akhtar’s wife, Shabana Azmi reacted to several controversial statements made by Kangana. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror, she said:

“Kangana has started believing in her own myth. She says she taught feminism to the film industry, she taught in nationalism.

“I’m glad she spelt that out because nobody else had noticed! I think she fears the day when she will no longer be in the headlines and so has to keep making outrageous statements to stay in the news.

“Poor girl, why doesn’t she just do what she is best at which is acting.”

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