FIA closes Defamation Case filed by Sana Javed

The FIA have closed the defamation case, filed by Sana Javed, against Omayr Waqar, Manal Saleem and Aneela Murtaza.

FIA closes Defamation Case filed by Sana Javed

"I’ve been subjected to all sorts of lies"

The head of the FIA’s cybercrime wing in Sindh, Imran Riaz, took to Twitter to share that the defamation case filed by Sana Javed has been closed.

Sana had filed a case against makeup artist Omayr Waqar, stylist Aneela Murtaza and model Manal Saleem.

He stated that there was no evidence found of a planned smear campaign against the actress.

In a Tweet, Imran Riaz wrote: “The complaint filed by actress Sana Javed against her cyber defamation has been closed.

“The provided evidence was closely scrutinised by the legal team and the content found was about sharing of personal experiences of different co-workers while at work with Sana Javed.”

Riaz continued: “The technical team also could not find any evidence of a planned smearing campaign against her.”

In March 2022, Sana Javed sent Omayr Waqar, Manal Saleem and Aneela Murtaza defamation notices.

In her social media post featuring these notices, Sana Javed had called the series of allegations pouring in against her, part of a “smear campaign”.

Omayr Waqar then sent a legal notice to the actress in response to the defamation notice she issued against him.

The legal battle is a consequence of the ongoing social media war that gripped the fashion and entertainment fraternity after Manal Saleem shared her experience of working with “a celebrity” who demeaned her.

Taking to her Instagram on March 11, 2022, the actress addressed all allegations with photos of legal notices addressed to Manal Saleem, Omayr Waqar and Aneela Murtaza, alongside a detailed caption.

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak actress wrote: “In the past 72 hours, I’ve been subjected to all sorts of lies and fabricated stories, bullying, hate speech, and threats.

“A properly planned smear campaign has been initiated against me by a group of individuals.”

From dropping hints to naming and shaming, many from the Pakistani fashion fraternity came forward with their “horrible” experience of working alongside the actress.

It all began when Manal Saleem put up an Instagram Story to complain about an “entitled” celebrity.

In her story, she wrote: “Requesting all clients to not ask me to shoot with any actress or celebrity ever again.

“With their self-entitled attitudes, they think we are ‘dou takay ki model’.

“The audacity to say that on my face! We also come to work, not to get disrespected for free.”

While Manal refrained from naming anyone, she gave a thumbs up to speculations about the person in question.

Sharing a response by a user reading “I know she is Sana Javed, such a horrible and unprofessional actress” Manal shared a clapping GIF.

She then shared a screenshot of a direct message sent to her by another model who chimed in with her own experience with Sana:

“Oh my god! I’ve had a horrible experience with her too.”

“I’m a newbie in this field and I asked her very politely if we can take a boomerang for Instagram.

“She responded with, ‘You models will do anything for fame won’t you, even act like you and me are friends?’”

Manal Saleem captioned the screenshot: “Name and shame! This is just sad, says a lot about her.”

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