Ira Khan admits Self-Care activities were Self-Destructive

Ira Khan spoke about her mental health, admitting that what she thought were self-care activities turned out to be self-destructive.

Ira Khan admits Self-Care activities were Self-Destructive f

"the things I was thinking of were actually self-destructive"

Ira Khan regularly speaks about her mental health and she took to Instagram to reveal an epiphany she had.

She admitted that what she thought were self-care activities actually turned out to be self-destructive.

The daughter of Aamir Khan made the admission whilst sharing her plans for International Self-Care Day, which falls on July 24.

In the video, Ira revealed:

“I was trying to think of all the things that count as self-care that I do for me when I’m not feeling so good.

“What do I do to make myself feel better and I realised that all of the things I was thinking of were actually self-destructive and I couldn’t think of a single thing that I do that is caring for myself.

“All of the things that I do are tending towards the things that I do when I’m self-destructive.

“So it was funny and not funny all at the same time.”

Ira went on to say that her company, Agatsu Foundation, has planned a series of activities leading up to Self-Care Day.

The Agatsu Foundation aims to provide mental health support to those in need.

The activities have been dubbed as ‘Pinky Promise to Me’.

On the plan, Ira Khan said:

“24th of July is International Self-Care Day and Agatsu has decided to do a week of activities around self-care.

“We are calling it ‘Pinky Promise to Me’. So it’s a pinky promise to yourself.

“There’s going to be one that we will put up every day and I’m going to try and do each pinky promise to me.”

Ira established the foundation in May 2021, shortly after her 23rd birthday.

Elaborating on the foundation’s aim, Ira had said:

“Agatsu is my attempt, it’s my way of trying to find a balance, of trying to attain equilibrium to make my life better for me, to facilitate you in making your life better for you, whatever that means for you.”

Over the past year, Ira Khan has been vocal about her struggle with mental health ailments.

She has been sharing her fight with depression. She had revealed she was diagnosed with ‘clinical depression’ four years ago.

Ira had explained how her mental health causes her to work too much. She said that her depression compels her to work, and she often takes on so much work that she crashes.

According to Khan, the burnouts cause her to feel better after a few days. However, she later undergoes a phase where she struggles to function all over again

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