Indian Woman killed by BF in ‘Fit of Rage’ after Birthday Party

An Indian woman from Bengaluru was murdered in a “fit of rage” by her boyfriend shortly after she celebrated her birthday.

Indian Woman killed by BF in 'Fit of Rage' after Birthday Party f


"This led to a heated argument between the two."

A police investigation is underway after an Indian woman was murdered by her boyfriend shortly after celebrating her birthday.

Twenty-four-year-old R Navya was killed on April 14, 2023, by TD Prashanth.

The intimate, yet elaborate affair took place at Navya’s small apartment near Laggere, Bengaluru.

Prashanth had bought her multi-coloured balloons and a cake. The living room was decorated to fit the party mood.

She was pictured cutting her cake.

However, according to the Rajagopal Nagar Police in Bengaluru, shortly after, Prashanth allegedly slit her throat, resulting in her death.

The police are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the events that led up to Navya’s death, particularly since she had previously worked in the Security Department of the Bengaluru Police.

The details uncovered so far suggest that the murder could be the result of either a meticulously planned revenge plot against suspected infidelity or a spontaneous “crime of passion”.

Navya and Prashanth had been in a romantic relationship for the past six years and were related to each other.

Both were from Kanakapura, which is located roughly 30 kilometres from Bengaluru.

Navya’s birthday was on April 11, but she did not celebrate on the same day due to undisclosed personal reasons.

Prashanth managed to convince Navya to let him host a party for her at her home, and the celebration was held on April 14, which ultimately became the day of Navya’s murder.

During the birthday celebration, the Indian woman received several phone calls and text messages.

When Prashanth inquired about the identity of the person contacting her, Navya refused to disclose the details and also declined to show him her phone.

This led to a heated argument between the two, and it was discovered that Prashanth suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

The police have concluded that Prashanth’s jealousy and suspicion were the primary factors that led to the murder based on his confession.

In a statement to the press, DCP North D Devraja said:

“During the birthday celebration, Navya received a few phone calls and text messages.

“When Prashanth asked her who she was in touch with, she refused to share the details. She refused to show him her phone.

“This led to a heated argument between the two.”

Furthermore, it appears that the day of the murder was not the first time the couple had quarrelled over Navya’s phone conversations.

Navya had previously gone to the police accusing Prashanth of “troubling” her.

She claimed their relationship had soured because he turned possessive.

However, the police “settled” the case “amicably” as both Navya and Prashanth promised to keep a distance from each other.

DCP Devaraja said: “She later reached out to Prashanth and they spoke about marriage.

“They were planning a future together, he has claimed in his confession.”

The investigation is still ongoing, and more details will likely emerge in due course.

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