Indian Student bludgeoned to death by Homeless Man in USA

An Indian student studying in the United States was bludgeoned to death by a homeless man whom he sheltered and fed.

Indian Student bludgeoned to death by Homeless Man in USA f

"he kept on hitting for almost 50 times"

A 25-year-old Indian student was killed by a homeless man inside a store in Georgia, USA.

Chilling footage from inside the store showed Julian Faulkner repeatedly hitting Vivek Saini with a hammer.

Vivek was a Master’s student and worked part-time at the Chevron Food Mart as a clerk.

Other employees told police that they had been sheltering Faulkner for almost two days. They gave him food, drink and a jacket to keep himself warm.

An employee added: “He asked if I could get a blanket. I said we don’t have blankets so I gave him a jacket.

“He was walking in and out asking him for cigarettes, water and everything.”

The worker said the 53-year-old homeless man would sit in the store “all the time” and they never asked him to leave because it was so cold outside.

But on January 16, 2024, just after midnight, Vivek asked Faulkner to leave or he would call the police.

As the Indian student prepared to leave for home, he was attacked by Faulkner.

According to an employee: “He hit him from the back then he kept on hitting for almost 50 times on the face on the head.”

Police found Faulkner standing over Vivek’s body. The Indian student was pronounced dead at the scene.

After being arrested, police found two knives and another hammer in Faulkner’s possession.

The worker added: “Can’t even describe what I’m feeling.

“We were always trying to be helpful and we never expected this sort of thing would happen.”

Vivek was originally from Barwala in Haryana. His parents said he travelled to the United States in 2022 after completing his Computer Science degree from Chandigarh University.

Vivek recently completed his Master’s degree in Business Administration from Alabama University.

The victim’s cousin Simran revealed that Vivek’s body has returned to India and the last rites have taken place.

She said:

“He was a brilliant student who just wanted a decent job to support himself and his family.”

“He used to work in a store, and for the last many days, the person identified as Vivek’s killer used to come to the store and beg for cigarettes.

“Vivek used to give him cigarettes, but on that day, he refused and said he would call the police if the man came to annoy them again.

“Later, he came with a hammer and cold-bloodedly killed my cousin.”

She added that Faulkner was a “drug addict and a psycho”.

Faulkner remains in DeKalb County Jail, having been charged with felony murder and interference with government property.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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