Indian Police Message inspired by Squid Game goes Viral

Mumbai police have shared a road safety message on their Instagram inspired by the ‘red light, green light’ game seen on hit show Squid Game.

Indian police message inspired by Squid Game goes viral

"Mumbai Police is on another level of being savages!" 

Indian police have shared a viral message that is inspired by Squid Game.

The hit Netflix show is about a group of people invited to play a series of traditional Korean children’s games for the chance to win a huge cash prize.

However, the contestants, who are from walks of life and desperate to escape their financial burdens, face fatal consequences throughout the way.

The first game seen in Squid Game is ‘red light, green light’, featuring a giant, creepy doll, whereby those who move during the ‘red light’ are shot dead.

Mumbai police have now put their own spin on it while sharing a clip from the series accompanied by a road safety message on their Instagram page.

They wrote: “You are the ‘frontman’ of your ‘game’ on the road: you can save yourself from getting eliminated. Stop at red lights.”


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A post shared by Mumbai Police (@mumbaipolice)

The post has been seen by almost 150,000 people since it was first posted on Friday, October 15, 2021.

Despite the dark humour, netizens reacted positively to the message.

One person said: “Oh My God, Mumbai Police is on another level of being savages!”

Someone else commented: “Keep this doll instead of CCTV camera.

“Trust me our road rules and regulations, everyone will follow including police and politicians as well.”

Another person added: “Mumbai police is the coolest police, take me in a jail with you, I will laugh all day.

One user said: “Give this admin a award.”

Another mentioned:

“I wanna know who is handling this account.”

However, this is not the first time that the police department has used pop culture references to share advice.

American sitcom Friends, Drake’s album Certified Love Boy, Harry Potter and various TV shows and films have all cropped up in the past.

They have been used to broadcast information regarding Covid-19, face coverings and vaccinations as well as road safety warnings.

One of the main characters in the show, Ali Abdul, is played by Indian actor, Anupam Tripathi.

He controversially portrays a factory worker from Pakistan who is fighting for his life and family in South Korea, where the series is set.

Squid Game has been watched by 111 million users in its first 28 days making it Netflix’s biggest ever series launch.

Naina is a journalist interested in Scottish Asian news. She enjoys reading, karate and independent cinema. Her motto is "Live like others don't so you can live like others won't."

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